Jan 12, 2009

New feature - Photos from Panoramio are now on your listing

Dear Cottage Owner;
We have added a new feature - photos from Panoramio (http://panoramio.com) on the site listings.
Please check out your listings (in preview mode, not update) at the bottom of the page, in the section titled
"Explore the area near this Cottage with Google Panoramio Photos"
Up to twenty photos taken within 25 kilometers from your property (from the location you've set on the map when creating the listing) are now displayed on every listing.
These are the 20 most popular photos supplied by Panoramio, who have over 2 million photos already.
The photos of the area will help your guests get familiar with points of interest around the cottage, and should also attract more attention to your cottage.
The number of photos displayed on your listing can be changed. To change it, please log in to your owner's account and edit the listing. The second page of the listing update screen has a "Number of Panoramio Photos to display" selection from 0 to 20.
We have also added Distance from the Cottage to every Panoramio photo, displaying the distance from your cottage to the place the photos were taken.
And, last but not least, we have added a Show Directions button, which will give directions to the place the picture was taken by car if possible on Google Maps.
Panoramio is open to the public and you can upload your photos to Panoramio too. However, we cannot guarantee that your Panoramio photos will be displayed on your listing, since we receive only the most popular pictures.
The good thing is that there is another solution to add your own Points of Interest (POI) to your listing.
This feature is available on your listing Control Panel.
Up to 20 POI of your choice (with or without photos) can be added to your listing. Your POI will be displayed on Google Maps near your Cottage as well as on your listing page.
This feature (POI) has not been thought of before, in fact, we are the first site to have anything like it, so we thought it would be important for you know about this. The only listing that has added POIs so far is a listing from New Brunswick:
see "Points of Interest near the Cottage" section.
The purpose of POI displayed on your listing is the same as Photos from Panoramio, the only difference being that POI's are be managed by you, whereas Panroamio photos are not.
The same features as display Distance from the Cottage and Show Directions are available for POIs too.
Please check the accuracy of your cottage's map placement, since an incorrect placement may confuse guests relying on the Show Distance and Show Direction features provided by us and Google Maps.
You cottage's location on the map can be set via the "Listing Update" link on the Owner's account page on the bottom of the second page. Just drag and drop the pointer to the cottage's actual location on the map and click the "Save Changes and Continue" button.
Best regards, Yuriy Setko
Rent Cottage Canada

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