Feb 9, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Red Bay Beach

Red Bay Beach

The world has an unlimited treasure to offer, covering even a small fraction of this is a matter of fortune for a tourist. Ontario is one such destination on the earth with stunning grandeur of fine lakes. It is a perfect destination for several tourist activities, most involving water and the snow. Red Beach is a part of Bruce Peninsula with many hidden secrets of the nature. The surrounding is so beautiful that you won’t be mistaken for getting dissolved in the nature.

A Protected Biosphere
A Georgian Bay beach, the Red Bay Beach forms the shorelines on warm Lake Huron in the eastern side of Bruce Peninsula. The area falls within The Niagara Escarpment, which has been declared as a World Biosphere Protected Area by UNESCO. The scenario is just like a delicately brushed canvas exposing water, snow and sky, a very inviting atmosphere. The tranquilizing air of Red Bay sandy beaches are wrapped up by beauty not tampered by man. Your vacation will be most comfortable and enjoyable in the imposingly splendid environment – the clear waters, clean and less crowded beach, and lovely forests, striking view of the sunset and brilliant night sky.

Communication to the place is easy since it is located less than 2 and 1/2 hours away from Toronto. It offers a perfect ambiance for the whole family, children and adults alike. No qualm and no resentment, but getting immersed in every drop of beauty. You will find inhabitants are friendlier than usually people are under the stress of daily life. Lake Huron is famous for the fantastic view of the sunset. It has a unique atmosphere that is rarely found in other places. It is a paradise for naturalists and photographers.

Eventful Days
There is so much natural about everything that you do not find a problem in deciding your activities.  Red Bay area has many things for you to be engaged in. Georgian Bay’s Red Bay Beach in Lake Huron area of Ontario offers cozy beach walking on its salt free sands; go windsurfing or go for trail walking; enjoy snowmobile or ski. Feel the true self of you; your inborn capabilities have the chance of manifestation under catalytic environment of Red Bay area.  

More of fun with water is sailing in small boats, waterskiing and canoeing. In the warm waters of Red Bay, other activities open to you are sun bathing, scuba diving and fishing.  It is packed with all morning till evening actions to please you in soft sand beaches or rocky sections of beaches in the area. You can do more of fishing both in summer and spring seasons. There is always a plenty of Rainbow and Salmon catch in season.

Additionally, you have options for dog sledging, horse and pony riding or enjoy beautiful lakes – Berford and Bass, much enjoyed by the kids.  
Underwater Scuba Rendezvous
Warm shallow waters of Wiarton area is a shallow 20’ deep grassed area, good for night diving. It showcases 3 wrecks. Centennial Park is 20’ deep with rocky undersurface. 
Ancient Natural Formation
Famous Bruce's Caves Conservation Area an exceptional formation continuing to exist for nearly 8000 years.  It is a significant process of weathering and glacial activities. It has a massive central pillar with supporting arches on two sides.

Feb 8, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Fort Erie Beaches

Fort Erie Beaches

One can hardly forget sweet memories of the beaches on Canadian side of Fort Erie. Ontario peculiarly shares 2700 kms long common borders with 5 North American States. Fort Erie assumes the prominence due to a number of fine beaches. The area is located above Niagara Escarpment. It is a place of rivers, vast lakes and Carolinian forest to rightly claim its natural attraction and beach other activities.

Beaches of Fort Erie
Practically, this area is dotted with a large number of small beaches; the notable ones are Crystal or Bay Beach, Waverly Beach, Thunder Bay Beach and Crescent Beach. A few more among many more are Bernard Avenue Beach, Bowen Road Beach, Burleigh Avenue Beach, Bertie Bay beach, Buffalo Road, Beach, Windmill Point Beach and Windmill Point Park Quarry Beach. The Crystal Beach situated on the northern shore of Lake Erie, is considered outstanding for its crystal clear water and fine quality of the beach. The Thunder Bay Beach, located at the south end of Bernard and Thunder Bay Roads, is a popular spot for jet skiing. Crescent Beach is located at the south end of Crescent and Edgemere Roads. Waverly Beach is located at the south end of Helena Street and Edgemere Road. This gives a sketchy idea of the teaming number of beaches existing in the area.

All the beaches are visited by tourists due to good anchoring places for kayaking and sailing. For the people interested in Water surfing, this area offers good scope of enjoyment. For the natural reasons, the whole area has turned out to be a fine palace of tourism. Facilities and attractions have grown side by side in their prominence. The growing popularity of Fort Erie, Ontario has is continuously increasing due to changed preference of tourists and leisure seekers. Buffalo, in United States just across the river, once shared same natural attraction. In the present time, it has literally lost the attraction to the urban developmental activities.

Explore things Fort Erie has to offer
The area is developing fast in Canadian side of Niagara Escarpment due to the popular beaches. More justification for the popularity is the distribution of the crowd to several attractive and clean beaches in the area with equal facilities for engaging activities.

As a reminder of the past, one can feel thrilled to know the horrifying days when this area served as a prime route used by the slaves to flee from the clutches of their masters. Friendship Festival is based on the beautiful concept of promotion of friendship between the two countries - Canada and United States of America. It is a weeklong celebration of age old customary Lumberjack shows. This is an Exhilarating show of competition of racing up the poles at an exceedingly fast speed. Besides this, the festival is full of significant display of cultural events that have been in existence for years. July 1st is marked as the day of festival and national holiday is observed on the day in both the countries. The annual event, ‘siege of Fort Erie’ re-enacts battle of 1814. It was a fierce bloodshed in the area.

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Feb 7, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Barrie beaches

Barrie Beaches

The focal point of Barrie Beaches is the city of Barrie, located near throbbing megalopolis of Toronto. Barrie is a member of Georgian Bay area known for white sand and granite rock. The city stands out for its generous activities in the cultural and recreational domain in Toronto region.  It has much to feel proud about its location on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, which is well-known for the gleaming Lake Simcoe. The beaches in Barrie are Johnson's Beach and Centennial Beach, also Minets Point Beach, Tyndale Beach and The Gables in the second tier.  

The climate
Usually Barrie has warm and humid summers and icy winter months with a considerable amount of snowfall, as such called the Snowbelt.  Mercury touches 78º F in July-August, the warmest summer months. August and September bring the rainfall. Late spring and summer months have the occasional thunderstorms. Winter begins from the month of November when the temperature starts sliding down from 20 ºF. January and February are the coldest months with temperature averaging at 7 ºF.

Magnificence of gleaming Lake Simcoe
Excluding waterfront beaching activities in Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe has much significance to add to the setting.  Lake Simcoe is also called Ice Fishing Capital of Ontario, being one of the biggest fresh water lakes that get frozen in winters. Most of the winter activities are centered around this lake. It offers an obsessive location for enjoyment of the whole family; for lovers Lake Simcoe echoes the inner feeling.

You need to explore a serene beauty of the lake in the fall with the ground laden with fabulous color of maple leaves. The magnetic festivals, events and fairs begin with this season. A drive along the lake will take you through this area’s natural galore of attraction.

In summers, the lake glows with bustling and joyous water sports activities of all sorts. You will like to span across on your personal watercraft as many do. It is also very popular spot for paddle-wheel boating and rowing excursions.  The tourists love to get indulged in fishing since the lake has abundance of whitefish, trout, yellow perch and smallmouth bass. Lake Simcoe is demarcated within Zone 16 by the Ministry of Natural Resources for Fisheries Management Plan.

The Beaches in limelight
Both Johnson's Beach and Centennial Beach get prominence under the shade of Barrie. The beaches complement unrestrained economic spurt of the city by supporting all sea front activities like carnivals and shows being grand areas for fun and frolic of the community. The Lakeshore Drive along the bay is an amazing stretch for walking, cycling and ice climbing.

Centennial Beach is the largest beach on the coast of Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie. The expanse offers unrestricted breathing ground for the children.  Johnson's Beach is a good location for comfortable relaxation for the families since manned by lifeguard facility. It is situated on the north shoreline of Kempenfelt Bay. 

Other activities in the Snowbelt
Snowbelt, as the Barrie area is nicknamed, offers indulgences like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snow tubing, downhill skiing and even cross country skiing. Snowbelt’s fun filled activities extend to surrounding Blue Mountain, Snow Valley, Horseshoe Valley and St. Louis Moonstone.

The city has a good number of nice shopping and dining spots as well as places for entertainment.  

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Feb 6, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Grand Bend beach

Grand Bend beach

Those who are looking out to spend vacations in Canada, finding a cottage rental or other available accommodations in the Grand Bend area can be a real treat. In the Southern Ontario, this beach community is located on the beautiful shores of the Lake Huron. Tourists and visitors of the area access the fantastic beaches, which are among the biggest attractions. Grand Bend is popular for its gorgeous beaches and immaculate night life. The lively ambience all around the area, welcome visitors from different parts of the world.

The best time to enjoy the fun filled activities on the Grand Bend beaches is the summer period. This is the time when the population of the area crosses more than 50,000, in comparison to just 2,000 mark that the area experience in the remaining time of the year. The area has gained a reputation of being Florida North for its excellent summer party atmosphere.

If you are one of the enthusiastic visitors who want to enjoy the best offerings of Grand Bend area, then you must check out the exotic beaches. The other parts of Canada may not be very famous for its beaches because of its weather and the rocky nature. However, Grand Bend is an exception. Here, beaches are the biggest highlights of the area. You can access open beach that covers hundreds of miles and enjoy the superior serenity and vistas of nature. Such a wide beach access is available as the area is a part of the west coast of Ontario.

Many visitors get surprised to view the beauty of the beaches that looks similar to the ones, far south. The combination of azure waters and white sand make a mesmerizing impact upon the senses of the visitors. There is never a boring moment on the beaches of Grand Bend, especially on the weekends and the vacations. The swimmers and sunbathers flock into the beaches in a huge number while other visitors enjoy a wide range of water sports and exciting recreation activities. Beach enhancement project is going on in the area and once the project gets over; there will be more entertainment facilities for the visitors. It will add more natural attraction to the beaches, more cleanliness, and more space for the families.

Apart from the exciting beaches, there are other highlights of the area as well. If you have an interest the motor sports, then you cannot afford to miss the Motorplex of Grand Bend. Here, you can see two motorcross tracks and a popular dragstrip. This is the venue of the most popular, oldest and biggest National Drag race in Canada.

Another popular attraction of the area is the Wexford Shipwreck. When the Big Blow storm of 1913 took place in the Great Lakes, this steel hulled freighter was caught. After 87 years of the storm, the wreck was found in 2000, and it is now a big attraction of Grand Bend.

All these highlights, combined with the best of beach fun, makes Grand Bend a perfect holiday retreat. Look out for the cottage rental accommodation in Grand Bend and have a memorable vacation.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder