Oct 30, 2009

Top Ten things to do on your Quebec cottage rental vacation

The largest province of Canada is known as Quebec and the city is filled with some gorgeous attractions of agricultural land, hilly locales, pristine coastline, scary canyons and lots more. Quebec is perfect for spending your cottage rental vacation and during the vacation you can get involved with some really exciting things. Top ten things that you can do in Quebec are given below:

Take on water recreation
Water sports recreation gives a great high and Quebec is the ultimate destination to enjoy that. Boating, white water rafting or enjoying rides on sailboards are available in plenty. Check out the spots like St Lawrence River and Rivière Rouge to enjoy the best of water recreation.

Take on cycling
The roadways and paths are just awesome in Quebec and some pathways are just amazing for enjoying varied cycling rides. Those who prefer mountain bike rides, they can take on Parc de la Jacques-Cartier and Mont-Sainte-Anne; while for doing normal cycling, the St Lawrence River Valley is just immaculate.

Whale watching
Quebec is brings on more than twelve different varieties of whale and the best time to experience whale watching is between the period of May and October. Popular species like humpbacks can be seen in the St Lawrence.

Tour the scenic wonders
Cruise along the St Lawrence area and watch out the scenic treat of animals in the water. You can come across the cliffs and Fjords or simply adore the great water falls at the Kabir Kouba water falls or the Montmorency falls.

White sandy beaches
There are literally miles of white sandy beaches where you can take a leisurely stroll or simply watch the natural vistas.

Winter sports
The duration of winter in Quebec is quite long and hence it provides enormous opportunities to enjoy winter sports. So get ready for some winter action with snowshoe trekking, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc. The areas like Greater Québec/Charlevoix area, The Eastern Townships and The Laurentians are hot shot destinations.

Winter Carnival
If you plan to visit Quebec during January to February, then you can witness the grandeur of Québec's Winter Carnival. Some of the major attractions in this world famous carnival are snowmobile races, dog sled races, ice palaces, ice baths, etc.

Place des Arts
Visit Place des Arts to get soaked up in the cultural warmth of Montréal. The place is home to the famous Montréal Symphony Orchestra, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Visit the museums
The province of Quebec is home to some twenty four museums and the most prominent among them are the Ursulines Museum and the Museum of Civilization. The exhibits in these museums are interactive and unique and that is the best feature of these museums.

Eat out
Quebec offers something for everyone. If you are a food lover, you can satisfy your appetite at several hot shot eateries. Moreover, some dedicated food and drink festivals takes place in the city like maple harvest.

Quebec is a wonderful place to enjoy your cottage rental vacation. Make your planning today!

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Newfoundland cottage rental vacation

Newfoundland is a popular province in the Canada where more than five hundred thousand people resides. With unpredictable climate, which is milder than the other provinces, the territory features enormous attractions to lure the visitors. While you visit Newfoundland on a holiday you can enjoy a cottage rental vacation as there are several fabulous cottages in the province. Newfoundland is a place of numerous attractions and you can do a lot of interesting things over there. Check out!

Enjoy Hiking
If you are excited about outdoor recreation, then Newfoundland is just perfect for you. There are fabulous hiking trails such as the T'Railway Park (565 miles) and Gros Morne National Park (65 miles). Go for hiking and trekking in these destinations and get a lovely experience.

Boat cruise
Take on a boat cruise to experience charming beauty of the area. Visit the Gros Morne National Park and take a boat cruise. During the cruise trip you will view several beautiful things such as fjords. The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is another hot shot destination for boat tours where you can closely watch whales and the gorgeous icebergs in Skerwink Trail.

Newfoundland is home to some of the amazing skiing destinations such as the Smokey Mountain, the White Hills and the Marble Mountain. Apart from getting excellent skiing experience, you can also learn a lot about skiing in these areas. To watch the best view, go skiing through Signal Hill and Cape Spear. Cross country skiing facility is also available in several ski resorts.

Sailing and swimming
Just like hiking and trekking, you can also enjoy outstanding water recreation such as swimming and sailing. Newfoundland includes numerous sandy beaches and sheltered coves where you can find some amazing spots for swimming and sailing.

Snowmobiling is a treat in Newfoundland. The well maintained paths through the mountains give immaculately exciting experience. You can visit the Marble Mountain, if you want to do high speed snowmobiling.

Salmon fishing
Salmon fishing is a popular activity and requires an experienced guide. Visit the Exploits and Gander rivers to enjoy Salmon fishing. At the Rocky River Falls you can view a salmon ladder.

Bird watching
Just look up in the sky and you can view plenty of birds of different species flying around. There are more than thirty five million seabirds in the sky and sea of the province and due to that reason may be the place is often called Seabird Capital of North America.

Point Amour lighthouse
Visit this exciting attraction in the Newfoundland province. In the Atlantic Canada, this is the tallest lighthouse. Constructed between the periods of 1854 to 1857, this is one of the biggest historical landmarks of Newfoundland.

Art galleries
The diverse culture and warm ambience of Newfoundland can be felt in its art galleries. The Coast of Bays Arts and Exploration Centre and the Sir Wilfred Grenfell Art Gallery are some of the famous art galleries in the province.

Tour the popular attractions
There are several tourist attractions in Newfoundland. St. John's, which is the capital city, is itself home to some amazing attractions. Visitors enjoy their time by visiting the dual hills of Cape Spear and Signal Hill. Signal Hill is the perfect place to watch sunrise as the top of the hill is quite high and can be seen from various points of the province. The hill is encircled by lovely walking trails.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your PEI cottage rental vacation

Enjoy a perfect retreat of cottage rental vacation by visiting the charming and very beautiful Prince Edward Island, popularly known as PEI. This is a popular province in Canada that features an island by the same name along with some other islands as well. Take a look at top ten things that you can do during you r stay in this Canadian province.

Visit Greenwich
If you are interested to explore the rare parabolic sand dunes and the vital locations that dates back to 10,000 years, then visit the Greenwich - Prince Edward Island National Park. Apart from the fantastic vistas of the sand dunes, you can take a look at the 10,000 year-old historical Aboriginal and Acadian occupations or take pleasure in the interpretive trails. The Interpretation Centre offers several learning opportunities as well.

Exciting trail
Avail exciting experience of strolling, cycling or running on the Confederation Trail. The recreational trail is stretched from Tignish in the west to Elmira in the east, covering more than 270 kilometers of immaculate surface.

Enjoy wines
Nobody ever imagined the existence of winery on Prince Edward Island, but it is here. Rossignol Estate Winery is based on PEI and here you can taste wide range of table wines and premium fruit wines. Take a look at the work of arts on the island with your favorite wine, the experience would be awesome.

Explore the best of preserves
Visit the PEI Preserve Company and enjoy the fun. Experience the best of preserves in Canada with some great foods. Check out the gift shop or enjoy a country breakfast; you will love the experience.

Experience authentic Celtic
In the summertime, Celtic Festival takes place at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada. Excellent Celtic performing arts can be enjoyed over here.

Old Charlottetown
This is the historical city of PEI, which also happens to be its capital. Old Charlottetown is the Birthplace of Canadian Confederation and it is home to several historical attractions. You can visit the Province House where you can witness the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Founders Hall, Canada's Birthplace Pavilion, the home of Anne of Green Gables, etc.

Visit North Cape Home
On visiting the North Cape Home, you will get to see wealth of attractions. You will never forget the experience of encountering the North Cape Wind farm, the Atlantic Wind Test Site, longest natural rock reef and the Black Marsh Nature Trail.

Learn more about the cultural diversity and history of PEI in the Gateway Village. Located at the base of the Confederation Bridge, the village showcases several mysteries of the island along with diverse gifts, handicrafts and food services. Across the Northumberland Strait, you can also get idea about the transportation modes.

Orwell Corner Historic Village
Get back to the world of 1890’s rural crossroads community by visiting the Orwell Corner Historic Village. You will be just mesmerized with the schools, churches, farm houses, country store, blacksmith shop and community hall.

Get cottage rentals
In PEI, there are lots of exquisite cottages. Choose a beautiful cottage, preferably near the beautiful shores and enjoy your vacation.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Oct 28, 2009

Top Ten things to do on your Georgian Bay cottage rental vacation

Georgian Bay is situated in Ontario. This is a large bay of Lake Huron and a perfect retreat for enjoying your cottage rental vacation. On Georgian Bay, there are lots of exciting recreational activities that you can do. Here we are featuring ten best things to do on your Georgian Bay cottage rental vacation.

Touring Lighthouse & Marine Heritage
Checkout more than fifty attractions of Marine Heritage and Georgian Bay Lighthouses. During the tour, visit the Imperial Towers that are made up of limestone and constructed in the 1850's. Also, visit Fathom Five National Marine Park and its shipwrecks by boarding on a boat.

Bike Tour
All around Georgian Bay there are some amazing motorcycle roads. Take a bike tour and ride through these roads by watching the beauty of the bay, blue water and other gorgeous views. The Georgian Bay Coastal Route Motorcycle Tour is especially designed for this purpose.

Beach Tour
Your appetite for fun is not complete without enjoying the beach activities in Georgian Bay. Spend the best time with your friends and family by just adoring the gorgeous beauty of azure water, building sand castles or strolling around the beaches. The fabulous beach tour will increase your expectation from the Georgian Bay.

RV Tour
How about spending a camping vacation amid the fascinating beauty of Georgian Bay? The Georgian Bay Coastal Route RV Tour features ample of opportunities to explore the best of recreation and entertainment while doing camping. Feel the magic of setting sun after lighting up the campfire or simple adore the exciting vistas of crystal clear water.

Outdoor activities
If you love doing outdoor recreations, then Georgian Bay is going to provide you some amazing opportunities in the form of biking, sailing, hiking, kayaking, etc. Visit the Bruce Trail for hiking. This trail runs through the Niagara Escarpment, which is a World Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO. While hiking, enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding. For doing some adventurous sports, take on mountain biking in the variety of trails in Blue Mountains' Collingwood & Town.

Consider cruising
Ontario is home to the best of freshwater cruising areas. The adventurous instinct of cruising on the waters of the Georgian Bay is unmatched. Cruise across the lovely 32 lighthouses and experience the rocky shores. If you want to enjoy the best of sceneries while cruising, then take on the North Channel. If you cruise in Southern Georgian Bay, you will encounter with several amazing islands.

Enjoy the nature
On Georgian Bay, take a real close look on the nature by sailing, biking or walking. You can view the largest parabolic sand dunes in Ontario by touring the Blueberry Trails at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. You can also tour Killarney Provincial Park and the Georgian Bay Islands National Park for several important highlights.

Visit the caves
Take a tour around the Collingwood & The Blue Mountains and you will be astonished with the mazes of caves.

Play golf
There are several golf courses near the shorelines of Georgian Bay that provides ultimate golfing experience.

Elvis Festival
If you visit the Georgian Bay during July, make a point to enjoy the celebrations of the Elvis Festival. The festival celebrates the achievements of Elvis Presley. This is a street party held on Friday followed by a parade of classic cars.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Kawartha Lakes cottage rental vacation

Kawartha Lakes region forms a lovely destination for all those who want to get a memorable cottage rental vacation in Ontario. There are some 250 waterways and lakes to enjoy along with wide range of recreational opportunities. Apart from recreation, there are several attractions and events that make the visitors crave for more. Check out some of the best things to do in Kawartha Lakes.

Are you a serious golfer or a novice with interest in game? Kawartha Lakes area includes lots of golf course that are designed to suit any level. You can choose your peak from 9 hole courses or 18 hole courses from the semi private or public golf facilities. You can also find several golf courses that are situated lakeside.

Hunting and fishing
Hunting and fishing are very famous in the Kawartha Lakes region. You can find several varieties of fishes such as Walleye, Muskellunge, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Bullhead, Sucker, Yellow Perch, and Carp.

High speed boating
It is a common view to watch the power boats taking on the tranquil waters of Kawartha. You can go on such boating tour and enjoy the wonderful views of the villages and towns. The professionals that guide the tourists in such power boating tour are highly experienced professionals. Hence, power boating is safe also.

Kayaking and Canoeing
Take on the rustic charm of the waters by boarding into kayaking. On the extreme north portion of the Kawartha Lakes connects some beautiful routes. Some prominent routes for kayaking and canoeing include the Drag River Route, Gull River System's Main Route, Irondale Route, etc.

Horseback riding
If outdoor thrills excite you, then you can take on horseback riding amid the beautiful countryside of Kawartha Lakes.

Eating out
Kawartha Lakes area has a solution for every appetite. Any sorts of fooding and dining options you want, you will get here at the Kwartha Lakes. Whether it is ethnic food, gourmet dining, or anything else, Kawartha provides them all.

Go for Spa
How about providing your mind and body with complete relaxation amid a beautiful location? Spa is a fantastic idea and here you will get lots of high quality spa facilities such as Riverside spa, Eganridge Inn and Spa, Special Treatment Salon & Day Spa, Body & Sole The Village Spa, etc.

Enjoy walking tours
Walking tours can be the best thing to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Walking down the best attractions of Kawartha Lakes is not just relaxing, but educational and informative as well. Some of the popular walking tours include Omenee walking tour, Lindsay walking tour, Kinmount walking tour and Bobcaygeon walking tour.

When you are out on a vacation, you obviously do some shopping. Enjoy the best of shopping in the city of Kwartha Lakes. Visit downtown boutiques, malls, farmer's markets, antique shops, etc.

A place to enjoy family fun
There are lots of options to enjoy with your family in the city of Kawartha Lakes. You can make your afternoon time more interesting by hitting a nearby saddle or pond and try fishing. If you want some indoor fun, then you can always opt for indoor rock climbing, bowling, etc.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Northern Ontario cottage rental vacation

Northern Ontario is a dream destination for them who wants adventure and thrills amid the gorgeous beauty of nature. There are lots of activities to perform and the cottage rental vacation is a brilliant idea to explore the diversities of the Northern Ontario. Here, we are providing some of the best attractions and top ten things to do in Northern Ontario.

Take Train or Flight journey
If you want to explore the best views of Northern Ontario, then take a trip of the bush plane or trains. While flying in you can find several canoe routes and fishing destinations.

Freshwater Island
Northern Ontario is a vast place and it includes some vast collection of amazing islands. Manitoulin Island which is a major cycling destination in Canada is a fresh water island. This island can take you through the country-style lodging or watch the pristine vistas of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Water sports
Adventure is the major driving force among the tourists in the Northern Ontario. There are more than half a million rivers and lakes and on top of that there 1000+ kms of coastline that creates amazing opportunities for kayaking, canoeing and even white water rafting.

Snow thrills
If you visit Northern Ontario in the winters then you can definitely take o the snow adventures of the area. You can discover Ontario like the early explorers by taking dog sledding sports; you can also try cross country skiing, winter hiking or snowshoeing. Tubing, snowboarding or downhill skiing is also excellent highlights.

Do you want to enjoy the best of trekking experience? Take on hiking in the Northern Ontario. Ontario is home to more than thousand miles of marked trails that facilitates trail hiking and backcountry hiking. Tight your boots and pack the essentials in your trekking bag and move on for hiking.

Put on a helmet and take a bike- you are ready to enjoy fascinating cycling experience. The roads and trails in Northern Ontario are safe and hence you can enjoy safe cycling amid the beauty of nature.

View Nature
Natural beauty is unmatched here in Northern Ontario. Just don't forget your cameras and snappers as you would never like to miss out those rare moments of stargazing, viewing wild life diversities and watching various birds and botany.

Work of art
You can try your hands in doing some work of art amid the pristine beauty of nature. The area offers amazing setup that is equally good for professional as well as non professional artists. You can also explore several wonders of Northern Ontario from the artists, photographers, sculptors, etc. To know more, you can visit the galleries and museum also.

Visit near North
Visit Near North and enjoy camping activities, hiking in the forest trails or boating in the waterways. You can also visit the lovely towns of the beautiful Ottawa Valley.

Go Sailing
Visit Rainbow Country and feel the thrill of amazing sailing experience. This is one the best sailing spots in North America that can provide you access to Manitoulin Island and the Killarney Provincial Park.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Parry Sound area cottage rental vacation

Are you venturing for a summer trip in Ontario with your family where you can enjoy whole lot of fun filled activities? Go for a Parry Sound area cottage rental vacation, you will cherish your experiences. There are several things to see and lots of exciting activities to do in Parry Sound. Check out some of the key highlights.

View the beauty of nature
The area of Parry Sound is visually stunning. It overlooks Georgian Bay’s thirty thousand islands area and the deepest freshwater harbor in the world. The location of Parry Sound is also easily reachable by using the Trans Canada Highway.

Trip to 30,000 islands
Taking this trip is definitely a memorable attraction that will give you the idea of how vast the country is.

Enjoy the water sports
The waterfront location of the Parry Sound area makes it perfectly favorable for enjoying immaculate water sport activities. So, you can take on cruising, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and fishing. There is also good news for the lovers of scuba diving as they can enjoy the thrills and adventures with lots of wrecks and assembles of drowned ships.

Watch the Dragon boat race
Dragon boat race is a famous event that takes place in the Parry Sound every year. You can remain spectator and watch the thrills of the race or you can also participate to enjoy some exciting fun.

Plethora of outdoor recreations
If you fell less excitement for water based recreational facilities, then you can always opt for land based activities. Go for hiking along the fascinating trails or go cycling in the beaches. Opting for picnic with friends and family in the meadows is another brilliant idea. You can also simply enjoy fantastic sightseeing al across the Parry Sound area.

Enjoy the festivals
The Parry Sound area celebrates numerous festivals and events all year round. Some of the popular festivals include the series of concerts during the month of July or the Festival of the Sound in the summer time. The Festival of the Sound showcases wide range of instrumental and classical concerts.

Visit the historical wonders
Rich culture and significant history makes the Parry Sound area even more exciting. Tourists can enjoy access to the Indian settlements and pioneer homesteads or they can enjoy their time in the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts that offers diverse presentations in terms of plays, gospel music, opera classics, etc.

Visit Windermere House, Lake Rousseau
Windermere House is a fascinating Inn in Muskoka that offers gorgeous vistas of Lake Rousseau from the top. You can also try your hands in golf as there is an 18 hole golf course along with a pub and a restaurant.

Killbear Provincial Park
This park is located on Georgian Bay's eastern shore. The beauty of the landscape and gentleness of the sand beach are simply mesmerizing.

West Parry Sound District Museum
There are three galleries in the museum that offers different exhibits all year round. Some of the highlights include First Nations, Themes of Trapping, Agriculture, Shipping, Logging, and Cottaging. You ca also find fine arts and unusual exhibits throughout the whole year.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Rice Lake cottage rental vacation

Rice Lake is a fabulous place in Ontario, Canada, where you can spend your rental vacation smoothly. In Rice Lake, you will find more than thirty varied resorts where you will get the best of vacation experience. Recreational features and amenities are available in plenty in the area so let's find out some of the best things to do in the Rice Lake.

You will find wide range of fish species in the Rice Lake. Some of the common varieties include Panfish, Muskie, Walleye, Large and Smallmouth bass, etc. All you need is crankbaits, Texas rigged plastic worms, or jigs to lure the fishes so that you can catch them. It is a great fun and a wonderful pass-time activity amid the beauty of the Rice Lake.

Take into boating action amid 18 miles long distance of the Rice Lake. The lake is connected to the Trent Canal System and this system further connects the different destinations such as Bay of Quinte, to Georgian Bay, on Lake Ontario, etc.

There are some awesome hiking trails featured within the close proximity of the Rice Lake. In Alderville First Nation conservation area, there is Tall Grass Savannah that offers amazing experience of hiking.

Explore the history and tradition
The area of Rice Lake is rich with its history and tradition. Find out some important cultural significance of the area by visiting are prominent destinations such as Serpent Mounds Park, Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Whetungs Ojibwa Centre and Kawartha Lakes Spirit Walks.

Canadian Canoe Museum
There is a lot to know about this place and the Canadian Canoe Museum discloses many secret. Visit the museum and explore a collection of more than 600 kayaks and canoes along with more than 1000 artifacts related to canoeing. Here you can also find unique material and cultural representation of Canada.

ACO Port Hope House Tour
Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Port Hope House Tour is the most popular house tour in Ontario. This tour event displays the traditional and modern domestic architecture works.

Explore the nature conservation highlights
There are several conservations that are working day and night to restore, manage and develop the natural environment of the area. View the Otonabee Conservation, Warsaw Caves, Conservation Areas south of Rice Lake, etc.

Visit the zoos
When you are holidaying with your family and you have kids along with you, then visiting the zoos is a must. Riverview Park and Zoo offers attraction for everybody. There are more than 48 varieties of animals that include Yak, Wallaby, Camel, Macaw, Emu, Cougar, Squirrel Monkey, Plated Lizard, Meerkat, etc. You can also catch up with some amazing reptiles by visiting the Indian River Reptile Zoo.

Theater and Arts
If you are an art lover, then the area of Rice Lake can satisfy your appetite with some amazing theatre performances. Some of the popular theatre facilities include 4th Line Theatre, Peterborough Theatre Guild, Capitol Theatre and Northumberland Players.

No community is complete without events and festivals. Taking part in the festivals is the best enjoyable thing that you can do in the Rice Lake locality. Some of the popular events include Cobourg Canada Day Waterfront Festival, Havelock Country Jamboree, Peterborough Festival of Lights, Port Hope All Canadian Jazz Festival, Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival, Warkworth Rodeo, etc.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Southern Ontario cottage rental vacation

Are you willing to spend your holidays in the best vacation destination in Canada? You must take Southern Ontario cottage rentals. Southern Ontario is flooded with loads of attractive tourist destinations such as Wasaga Beach, Nigara Falls and Point Pelee National Park. There are ample of options to enjoy the charm and offerings of Southern Ontario, here are few of them.

Flower Pot Island
Southern Ontario combines several beautiful islands and Flower Pot is one of them. Visit the island and adore the lovely wildflowers, cliffs, limestone stacks, etc. You can also enjoy boating and hiking in this location. A lighthouse tour is also arranged here for the tourists.

African Lion Safari
Get a closer view of numerous varieties of species that include both birds and animals. While driving the cab, you can view the freely roaming giraffe, baboons, tigers, lions, etc. You can also catch a sight elephant swimming in a lake.

Casino Gaming
Want to play casino games? Visit Casino Windsor, which is an ace gaming facility. Not just a gaming facility, it also includes a 389 luxuriously appointed guestrooms along with sauna, indoor pool, health club, whirlpool, salon and spa. Enjoy the best of glamour and gaming experience in the place. However, you must be 19 or above.

East Park
This is probably the best family attraction in the Southern Ontario. The total area covering of the park is more than 100 acres and the facilities featured in the park include go carting, mini golfing, waterslides, driving range, batting cages, etc. Moreover, there are video games, bumper cars, indoor rock climbing, etc

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
There are various types of museums featured in the tourist destinations. But, Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum is unique. This museum features the memorabilia and artifacts of the baseball history in Canada. The set of the building is an old house that is made up of very old stone work.

When you are out on a tour, it is obvious that you will take some break in between and have your lunch, dinner or some snacks. Southern Ontarion is home to some of the best eateries such as Stargazers on the Thames, Angie's Kitchen, Golf's Steak House, Harvest Moon Family Restaurant, Kirby's Food Emporium, etc.

Shopping is the key to any vacation trip. Blue Water Bridge Duty Free Shop, Queenston-Lewiston Duty Free Shops Ltd, St. Jacobs Country, Southworks Outlet Mall, Bayside Centre, Canada One Factory Outlets, Coyle's Country Store, Devonshire Mall, etc are some of the hot shot shopping outlets.

If you love the drama and emotions displayed in theatres, you will love to find out the diversities in the theatres options you will get in Southern Ontario. Some of the top theatres in the area are 4 Seasons Stratford, Stratford Festival Theatre, Burlington Art Centre, Theatre & Company, Boris Brott Music Festival, Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre, Gallery Stratford, and Drayton Festival Theatre.

Love to play golf? Well Southern Ontario boasts some fabulous golf courses. You can choose your preferred course according to your skill. Some of the popular courses include Stone Tree - Golf, Fitness, Dining, Banquets, East Park Golf Gardens, Deer Run Golf Course, Rochester Place Resort Inc, etc.

Enjoy the festivals
Southern Onatario is a lovely place. No matter what time of the year you visit the area, you can take part in some of its fabulous festivals. Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival, Beamsville Strawberry Festival, Christmas at Stratford Bed & Breakfast Weekend, Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Festivals and Events of Niagara (FEN), Guelph Spring Festival and more are some of the vital festivals in the Southern Ontario.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Oct 23, 2009

Top Ten things to do on your Lake Erie cottage rental vacation

Are you spending cottage rental vacation in Ontario? Then make it a point to explore the attractions of Lake Erie. There are lots to see and much to do in Lake Erie; explore the following highlights.

Erie Land Lighthouse:
This historical landmark of 1867 has been restored in 2004 by Erie's Port Authority. You can access the ground of the lighthouse for free. Also, get into the lighthouse park and enjoy the fascinating view of the Lake Erie and Presque Isle State Park peninsula.

Presque Isle Bay:
Presque Isle Bay homes a tall tower that is 180 feet above the sea level. There is an elevator service that will take you top of the tower and you will enjoy the mesmerizing vistas of Presque Isle State Park and beyond.

Presque Isle Lighthouse:
This lighthouse is an 1872 construction and it is one of the major attractions on Lake Erie. This lighthouse is the second such lighthouse developed by the Americans after the Pierhead Light on Lake Erie, which was constructed in 1818.

The Brig Niagara:
You must take on a cruise of this ship, if you are spending vacation in the summer time. This ship was a part of the war of 1812 during the battle of Lake Erie. The Big Niagara is now visited by several tourists.

Tom Ridge Environmental Center:
This is a relatively new attraction within the Lake Erie premises. Here you can take a look at the nature and wildlife displays at the Presque Isle State Park through an orientation video on the park. Take up the elevator or just walk up the observation tower. Your mind will be blown away with the enchanting views of Lake Erie and close by Waldameer Amusement Park.

Jerry Uht Park:
Are you a baseball fan? Then visiting the Jerry Uht Park must be on your priority list. Here you can enjoy several baseball games. The best part is that the entrance to the park is very affordable and you can really chill out here with your friend or partner. The place is home to the Erie Seawolves of the AA Eastern League.

Presque Isle State Park:
If you are out on a winter vacation, then the experience at the Presque Isle State Park will be wonderful. You will love the serenity of the environment and the beautiful natural surrounding. For recreation, you can take on ice fishing, hiking or skiing.

Erie Maritime Museum:
If you want to get the details of Lake Erie's history, then visit this museum. You will come to know the importance of this lake in the War of 1812.

Brig Niagara:
This is a museum ship, placed at the Erie Maritime Museum. This ship is reconstructed and it had a great role to play in the Battle of Lake Erie. The ship has a crew also and you will love the experience.

Warner Theater:
This is beautiful theater that is remodeled in the old style. You can catch up some amazing shows in the theater, if you like to spend some spare time.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Bruce Peninsula cottage rental vacation

Are you planning a vacation in Bruce Peninsula? Well you have made a great choice as the place offers rich land and water experiences. Get a Bruce Peninsula cottage rental and spend your vacation amid the best attractions of nature. Here we are providing the list of top then things that you can do in Bruce Peninsula.

Enjoying beach activities:
Bruce County covers more than thousand kilometers of shoreline and it features beach for every preference. The shorelines of Sauble beach and Lake Huron feature volleyball courts and you can definitely try your hands out there. Also get some amazing beach experiences on the Georgian Bay shoreline and Indian Head Cove.

Take on boat tours:
The boat tours in Bruce Peninsula are very engaging. Water covers three sides of Bruce Peninsula and hence it gives perfect opportunity for the boaters. Enjoy boating, sailing and kayaking to the maximum and explore the beauty of nature.

Canoeing and Kayaking:
Visit the interior section of Ontario's Natural Retreat by taking up the thrilling adventure of canoeing and kayaking. There are several routes for paddling and the best part is that there is something for every skill levels. Enjoy kayaking on rivers, lakes or sea; Ontario's Natural Retreat is a place to be.

Enjoy birding:
The location of Bruce Peninsula is favorable for different bird species as it is situated on northern migration route. You can enjoy birding at its best as numerous beautiful birds travel along the shorelines from the northern tip to the southern point all year round.

Diversity of fishing:
Wide range of fishing experiences can be enjoyed in the Bruce Peninsula. You can try fishing in small lakes, big lakes, rivers or take on fly fishing. In fact, annual fishing derbies are hosted in this place and the winners are provided with great prizes.

Fly Fishing:
During your vacation in Bruce Peninsula, definitely make point to visit the province of Saugeen River in Southern Ontario. There are numerous pools that combine with slight angling pressure making it a perfect destination to enjoy fly fishing.

Take on golfing:
If you are a golf lover, you can test your skills here quite well. Bruce Province is home to some sixteen golf courses that are spread across Kincardine to Tobermory. If you are not a golfer, then also you can take proper lessons by taking up memberships in the golf clubs.

Hiking at its best:
In the Bruce County, there are more than 1,500 kilometers of combined trail system that can satisfy hikers of any level. Greig's scenic caves, Saugeen rail trail and Kincardine trails are some of the best hiking destinations. During winters, most of the trails provide amazing conditions for snowshoeing and cross country skiing also.

Thrill of scuba diving:
Visit Fathom Five, which is the first National Marine Park in Canada. Here you will find several historical ship wrecks that are perfect for scuba diving. Some of the best diving service providers in Bruce peninsula include Divers Den Scuba Charters and Rentals in Tobermory, Flowerpot Island in Tobermory, G&S Watersports in Tobermory, Tobermory Maritime Association in Tobermory and Groundhog Divers in Port Elgin.

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Oct 13, 2009

Top Ten Things to Do on Your Muskoka Cottage Rental Vacation

Just 90 minutes north of Toronto, folks who rent Canadian cottages find a world of nature, culture, and possibility--Muskoka, Ontario. With possibilities so diverse that it becomes a getaway paradise, Muskoka is the prime destination for your next vacation. Among the numerous possibilities for romance, family entertainment, and tranquil relaxation are ten top spots to make your memories of Muskoka a bold call for return again and again.

1. Those travelers seeking adventures of a more romantic sort will enjoy strolls along the banks of over 1600 lakes, water glistening in the sun. For a more personal sense of the wet life force of Muskoka, take a cruise aboard one of the lovely boats that dots the landscape.

2. Haliburton Highlands Water Trails offers nature lovers a chance to explore 26, 985 hectares of land teeming with verdant forest, hiking/cycling trails, and waterways such as lakes and rivers. You and your companion will discover that a love of nature unites fond hearts.

3. Travelers with a family to entertain will find a world of opportunity in Muskoka, from cultural events to good, wholesome fun, there's something for everyone in your crew. Your first stop, though, will likely be Santa's Village. Here, your child will enjoy the magic of living like one of Santa's elves as she experiences Christmas themed carnival rides, meets Santa's deer, and even takes a splash in the surprising summer waters of Santa's off-season home.

4. Children with a flair for the arts will appreciate a family excursion to The Tree Museum. Set on 200 acres, this innovative museum incorporates the edge of contemporary sculpture with the soft invitation of a natural woodland setting. 2.2 kilometres of trails ensures that your little ones and all the adults involved will get a chance to be active as they entertain their minds.

5. Individuals, couples, and families seeking a more tranquil getaway find that Muskoka offers numerous back-to-nature, low key entertainment opportunities. In this land of lakes, one of the most popular vacation pastimes is fishing. For a perfect afternoon, with no headaches, visit one of the local marinas, such as Haystack Bay Marina. There you can rent boats, wakeboard, waterski, and fish.

6. Proud history is the foundation of the Muskoka genealogy and your Muskoka cottage rental experience. Visit the Muskoka Heritage Place--Museum, Village, and Train--to experience first hand what a day in early Muskoka was like. Costumed interpreters share the truths of this circa 1880s-1910s community, and engaging interaction allows individuals and families to connect with the past. Visit a one-room schoolhouse, taste the fare of pioneer baking, and become exhilirated by an open-air coach train journey.

7. Boys, Girls, and Parents will want to step into the story as they visit a home once a getaway for Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the beloved "Anne of Green Gables." Photo opportunities abound, and costumes are even available to help visitor look the part! A well-appointed gift shop makes this the perfect spot to pick up souvenirs and what-nots to show you thought of others on your trip.

8. Having stepped into Muskoka's past, look into a tradition as young as many of its visitors--Johnston's Cranberry Marsh and the Muskoka Lakes Winery. Since 1952, this award-winning winery and cranberry farm as attracted visitors and locals alike. Hiking and biking trails, family picnic sites, and children's wildlife activities/programs makes this a must make visit for anyone renting a cottage in this lovely part of Canada.

9. Those of you who embrace an active lifestyle will be pleased to discover that beautiful scenery and design ingenuity make Muskoka's 20+ public and semi-private golf courses among the finest in North America. Plan a day at Bigwin Island Golf Club and have lunch at their world-class Marine Dining Room.

10. And when you're called back to your everyday life, don't despair, take a piece of Muskoka with you. Spend your last day shopping the many fine antiques stores that make it possible for you to collect treasures all your own. Among the antiques offerings of Muskoka is the Gravenhurst Grand Antique Show and Sale, held in August. Find the best-informed dealers in Ontario in one location. What a perfect opportunity.

While a Canadian cottage rental is always the perfect choice for a vacation that refreshes and rejuvenates, you're sure to find that a home away from home vacation option in Muskoka opens your eyes to a whole new world of excursion possibilities.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do in Nova Scotia Cottage Rental Vacation

Nova Scotia has a reputation for its natural beauty and Old World presentation, but vacationers taking the time to know the land and her people as they rent Canadian cottages can attest to the fact that living for days, weeks, or months among the locals gives them a broad, clear perspective of all of Nova Scotia's charms.

Renting a cottage with Canadian charm in Nova Scotia, you and your companions will want to take in some of the sights local residents recommend to their friends and families. This Top Ten Sights/ Attractions in Nova Scotia list will help you get started in your quest to discover the best a Canadian cottage rental has to offer.

History buffs will be astounded by the careful consideration Nova Scotia has dedicated to preserving its proud military record. Our top four sites are forts, carefully preserved to help you step into Nova Scotia's past.

1. A panoramic view of of the Annapolis Basin makes an excursion to Fort Anne both a beautiful respite and a glimpse into the turmoil that built as European powers vied for control of the area. The oldest National Historic Site in Canada, this is the must-stop beginning to your journey.

2. A garrison of the British Army well into the 1820s, Fort Edward features one of Nova Scotia's oldest buildings, the blockhouse, further distinguished asa the oldest structure of its kind in the area.

3. Take a ferry to downtown Halifax from Cable Wharf. This fun trip on the water is enhanced by the chance to see Fort McNab, a crucial player in Nova Scotia's defence from the late 1880s to World War Two.

4. With your sea legs ready, prepare yourself for Nova Scotia's most exciting glimpse into maritime history, a day at Halifax Citadel. Here you'll learn key facts regarding the part Halifax played in the extension of the British Empire.

Having whet your historic appetite with the proud lore, legend, and history of the evolution of British influence in Nova Scotia, now it is time to discover the mystery of the Acadians who deported by the British powers in the 1750s.

5. At Le Village Historique Acadien, you and your party will have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand what a day in 18th century Acadian life may have been. Interpreters donning period costumes share their translations of Acadia with you.

6. The Melanson Settlement Historic Site takes the glimpse into Acadian history a step further as it puts you up close with true artifacts of the daily lifestyles of this proud French Canadian community.

Families looking for more active adventures will be pleased with the cultural and natural opportunities Nova Scotia offers.

7. Upper Clements Parks feature diverse entertainment possibilities, including a theme park, a picnic park, a wildlife park, and the chance to try 30 rides.

8. Annapolis Gardens gives you a chance to look into the culture of Nova Scotia through a horticulturist's creation. Heirloom plants highlighting the diverse parentage of Nova Scotia thought enhance your strolls through the gardens.

9. Set on over 950 kilometers of wilderness Cape Breton Highlands National Park will help you and yours connect with the natural tapestry of Nova Scotia. Among the activities enjoyed here are geocaching, birding, hiking, and communing with nature.

10. No trip to Nova Scotia would be complete without a tour of its lighthouses. With more lighthouses in its reaches than any other portion of Canada, Nova Scotia is home to Sambro, the oldest lighthouse in North America.

For a better understanding of the idyllic getaways available in Nova Scotia, see these lovely Nova Scotia cottages, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more vacation rentals in Canada.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

There’s Plenty to Do in Wintertime Nova Scotia

Winter is an exciting time of year in Nova Scotia. Nordic skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing all beckon the outdoor enthusiast.

Nova Scotia boasts 23 cross-country ski areas. If you prefer groomed trails, you can visit the Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands national parks, or the Fortress Louisburg historic site. Or if you’re more adventurous, you can simply strike out for the wilderness. Throughout the province, you’ll find plenty of groomed and ungroomed trails. Skiing and snowshoeing are great ways to see Nova Scotia in a way you’ve never seen it before.

If you’re ready for a unique adventure, you can mush through the countryside in your own dog sled. Experienced guides will lead the way and show you how to hitch up your dogs – each with its own unique personality – and steer the sled through the spectacular winter scenery. Multi-day trips are available, with the option of staying in lodges, or for the hardy, camping along the way.

Or if you’d rather zip around the countryside in your snowmobile, Nova Scotia offers a host of quality snowmobiling trails. There are many trips and safaris to choose from, and outfitters can provide snowmobiles, trail permits, safety gear and guides. Each year, more and more serious snowmobilers head for Nova Scotia.

Wintertime Nova Scotia is a hot spot for fishing, as well. Hundreds of ice fishing huts dot the frozen lakes as anglers enjoy this unique twist to their favorite pastime. The fish are hungry at this time of year, and you can relax with all the amenities in a snug hut as you haul in game fish like trout and smelt. Nova Scotians will tell you that ice fishing produces some of the tastiest fish of the year.

A rental cottage in Nova Scotia makes a terrific home base for your wintertime outdoor activities. Great year-round accommodations can be arranged through http://rent-cottage-canada.com. Local outfitters and operators can provide information about ice fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

Check out Nova Scotia cottages here

Photo credit: http://www.canada-adventures-guide.com/NovaScotia/dogsledding.html

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Outdoor Winter Fun in Newfoundland

If you love the outdoors in winter, you’ll find what you want in Newfoundland. Whether it’s zipping over the wintery landscape on a snowmobile or embarking on a dogsled adventure, Newfoundland offers everything from day trips to expedition-style opportunities. If you prefer traveling under your own power, you can strap on your snowshoes or cross country skis and hit the trail. You’ll find everything from well-groomed urban trails to wide-open wilderness. Or if you prefer, you can glide downhill on skis or snowboards. In the wintertime, Newfoundland’s forests and parks are transformed into well-equipped ski resorts.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can stay snug in your hut and fish through the ice of a frozen lake to reel in walleye, perch and whitefish. The boreal forests and bountiful Canadian Shield make Newfoundland a wildlife paradise, as well. There are plenty of caribou, white-tail deer, black bear and moose. Bring your camera or your gun. You can also watch the breathtaking sight of humpback whales as they breach skyward at the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.

Clear skies and sunny days, well-groomed trails and the scent of wood smoke wafting from a welcoming hearth all await you. Who can resist the call of winter adventure in Newfoundland?

A rental cottage makes a terrific home base for your wintertime outdoor activities in Newfoundland. Great year-round accommodations can be arranged through http://rent-cottage-canada.com. You can obtain information about facilities, ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and other outdoor recreation opportunities from local outfitters and operators.

Check out Newfoundland Cottages here

Photo credit: http://www.canada-adventures-guide.com/Newfoundland/ice-fishing.html

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