Jan 19, 2009

New feature - Gadgets

Introducing a new feature - Gadgets from Rent Cottage Canada.

Our Gadgets are small scripts, which you can use outside of our site to promote your properties.

Gadgets can be embedded into your website, your blog, personal web page etc. Anywhere you can add a few lines of HTML.

Anyone who has a listing on our site can use our Gadgets.

It's easy to use, it adds value to your property's website, and it's Free.

We have developed the following three Gadgets:

  • Google Maps Gadget
  • Points of Interest Gadget
  • Panoramio Photos Gadget

  • Use the Gadget Script generator to adjust the Gadgets' size and look on your site (click Gadgets button on your Owner's account Listing Control Panel).

    What do the Gadgets do?

    Google Maps Gadget:
    • Displays an enhanced Google Map with a marker indicating your property's location.
    • Clicking on the cottage's marker will display a short description and directions to the property.
    • The "More..." button adds Points of Interest, Wikipedia info and Panoramio photos to the Map, exactly as it is made on our site's Google Maps page.
    • The Local Search feature will allow site visitors to perform local searches around the cottage (for example: Hospital, Restaurant, Beer Store, Live Bait etc),
    • and more

    Points Of Interest (POI) Gadget:
    • Will display the POI that you have added to your listing, and also all POI within 25 km of your property;

    Panoramio Gadget:
    • It will display up to 20 of the most popular photos from Panoramio, taken within 25 km of your property.

    Both, the POI and the Panoramio Gadgets will let your site visitors see the distance and directions from your site to the points of interest.

    For Example
    With two lines of script added to your web page, you can populate our Google Maps Gadget like this:

    A few lines of script will add Panoramio photos taken near your property to your web site. They can be displayed in Sliding, or the Scrolling style of your choice:

    The Gadgets' size and look is adjustable so you should be able to fit the Gadget on your site's layout without a problem.

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