Nov 23, 2009

Winter activities in Quebec

The city of Quebec welcomes you for real winter activities. You can spend most thrilling and enjoyable time during your stay in Quebec cottage rental. The city turns into a playground of snow. Hoards of tourists during winters make the city feel like the warmest place to visit in winters. The platter of activities in Quebec region is so spread out that you can easily feel lost to make up your mind. Skate, ski, dogsledding, snowmobiling, ice climbing or race up your mind for all others you know, it is there. The one and only assurance you can have is an extraordinary winter vacation.

Come up to be a great skier with an edifice of 65 km of groomed skiing trail. But, there are thousands of kilometres of marked skiing trails dotted across Quebec for cross country skiing, passing through provincial parks and wildlife reserves.

Enjoy the same luxury of travelling around on your vehicle as you do it in your normal days. But, this time the charm is exclusive for speeding on the snow in snowmobile. Despite of well defined majestic route covering Quebec, Charlevoix and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean regions, the place has grand network of snowmobiling routes all over northern region. Actually snowmobiling is transformed into a normal roadways arrangement with traffic patrols, maps and safety codes.

Guiding your own team of dogs to ferry you around gorgeous and scenically stunning Quebec is an incomparable experience. Submitting you totally to view the exuberant beauty of nature by dogsledding through the forests and over the frozen lakes is an unexplainable charm.

Many people love to be on their own and walk down to extract every drop of beauty. Surely that is the best way to not miss even a little, but it will be enjoyable only with Snowshoeing. Enjoy the great outdoors of Tremblant and Laurentians wearing snowshoes. Discover the fresh air of these places and inhale it to your heart’s content under guided tours or venture out on solo hiking to explore the mountains.

Riding the sleigh pulled by the horses is something like a festive charm anytime during day or night. It offers a tour through the fields and forests giving a feeling to be in the fairy lands of snow.

Tubing parks in Mont Tremblant is famous for its eight well laid out trails and two rope tows for thrilling long slips of snow tubing. You can have the tubing experience throughout the day with your family.

Horseback riding thorough snow covered landscape is an altogether different experience than normal horse riding in amusement parks. By no means should the experience be mixed with Sleigh riding. In reality this kind of riding offers completely different feeling to cross snow clad fields, the hilly slopes or even the flat lands. The pleasure trip becomes more enjoyable due to forest setting all around.

Quebec winter activities offer a lot of daring act of ice climbing if you love such adventure. Even if you are totally new and thinking of trying out this adventure, there is nothing to worry. You will get all the support of equipments and instructor.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Winter activities in Newfoundland

Spending a winter vacation in Newfoundland will open a whole of new indulgence for you. Don’t worry, you won’t freeze to immobility. But, have unbelievable number of activities unlocked in front of you. The experience can be best enjoyed with your plan of taking Newfoundland cottage rental. You will be enchanted with spectacular views in each of your stopover for a changed activity. You will just feel and taste the beauty of snowy, a world of its own.

Dog Sledding
Just be relaxed and get immersed in the beauty of sub-arctic alpine Long Range Mountains while pulled around by the team of chubby dogs. These sledding dogs of Newfoundland have a long history to be in this particular engagement. Other lovely dog sledding spot of Newfoundland is snow covered forests of Gros Morne National Park.

Helicopter Skiing
Having gazed at the alpine beauty from the ground, it is time you had a fascinating aerial view. There is helicopter skiing ready to make you airborne. Go over the mountain peaks, the deep gorges and picturesque valleys.

Ice Climbing
The best experience of ice climbing can be in the place called Humber Valley. You will enjoy the frozen waterfalls and astounding formations of ice with thrilling activities of rappelling.

Alpine Skiing
You can explore the mountains of Newfoundland in best way by skiing. This is a type of your own exclusive choice and can be done well in backcountry skiing. Otherwise, Gros Morne National Park is usually flocked place by all skiers. Gros Morne offers easy place for all day skiing activity and also to enjoy a grand picnic with your family. There are well conducted ski trips to let you enjoy every bit of thrills of the activity without any tension. You will be more thrilled to know that Gros Morne National Park has earned the status of being World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO.

Snow kiting
This new kind of joyous activity is getting popular with tourists. Snow kiting in Newfoundland is an altogether different experience of gliding together with the winds. The kiting is different here and you need to handle some unusual gadgetry. But, nothing to worry, there are instructors to help you out.

Gros Morne National Park has snow covered trails for snowshoeing. You can also opt for going to Marble Mountains or Blow-me-down Mountains for the same thrills of snowshoeing. It is a unique type of fun that you can enjoy in Canada only. There are several conducted all-day snowshoeing adventure trips for you to choose from according to your program.

Ice Fishing
Bonne Bay is the best ocean ice fishing ground in Gros Morne National Park. Of course, there are plenty of frozen lakes to walk over and make endeavors to drag out the life below. There is well conducted all-day ice fishing programs. Ice fishing is too engrossing and you can have the traditional Newfoundland type of lunch on the ice.

This makes fast type of fun riding over the snow in distinct trails. There are arranged power riding Snowmobile conducted tours to explore alpine forests for those who dare speeding on mountainous terrain. The organised Snowmobiling
Adventures cover Marble Mountains, Western Brook Fjord, Bonne Bay pond and Lewis Hills.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Nov 21, 2009

Top Ten Things To Do On your Niagara Region Cottage Rental Vacation

You will find yourself too deeply engrossed with the charms of Niagara Falls having accommodation under cottage rental vacation. But, you must remember there are plenty of things left for you to do to let your family take pleasure every drop of excitement.

Niagara Falls
On the Ontario side of Canada, Horseshoe Falls of Niagara Falls is visited by millions of visitors every year to witness exhilarating natural creation. This astounding beauty is the most dominant fall, which shares the presence both in Canada and North America.

Maid of the Mist Boat Tour of Niagara Falls
After you have devoured the beauty as a viewer from the ground around, it is time to get involved with it physically. Nothing better will let you get drenched with the mist to feel power and beauty of the fall other than Maid of the Mist Boat Tour of the falls. This offers you on jet boat trip of the wonderful Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side as well American sides.

Niagara Helicopters Limited
This copter flight offered by Niagara Helicopters Limited will certainly let your curiosity of how the fall is getting fed for ages with mammoth amount of waiter splurging down from the heights. Simply, it is overwhelming.

The Skylon Tower
May be you felt too far from the fall on a copter. If so, there is nothing to feel something yet to consume the beauty. The Skylon Tower is 236 meters high tower to let you fix the eyes on Niagara from a considerable height, but still close. You can also have sumptuous food in the Revolving Dining and Summit Suite dining rooms.

Butterfly Conservatory
As a part of Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, butterfly conservatory must not be missed. This is an exclusive introduction with the beautiful living creature in the area. You keep wandering around 2000 species of butterflies of excitingly magnificent colors.

MAX Theatre Niagara Falls
Get yourself fully acquainted is only possible on over six-story big screen of IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls. This lets you viewing the beauty of Niagara from all perspective. Oneness with the fall is perfectly realized from 12,000 watts of digital surround sound.

Aero Cars
You can’t be happy without riding the antique style cable cars. Whirlpool Aero cars let you even taking a back step in the older means of spanning across the heights. The facility is operated since 1916 and accessible by the parkway of Niagara River. You will enjoy most the whirlpool formed at the point of 90˚ bend of the flow. But, mind it; the cable car is functional seasonally.

Great views of the Bridal Veil
You can’t either be happy missing Bridal Veil, the American side of Niagara Falls. This is better enjoyed from a tread over the cantilever on river Niagara; have a true feel the vigour of the fall. Additionally, there is a large park to better see it thoroughly from the Niagara Falls Scenic Trolley hour go around.

A stroll along Canadian Side Promenade
It is a pleasant walk along the path laid in Clifton Hill for more to offer to the tourists. The exclusivity of this path is to have views of both Canadian and American sides of the Niagara Falls. Evening strolls offers gorgeous beauty due to the effect of lights.

This attractive spot offers best amusement for your children. There are amazing rides besides sessions with dolphin, sea lion and walrus.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten Things To Do in 30 thousand islands on a Cottage Rental Vacation

On your cottage rental vacation, 30 thousand islands’ multiple appointments in lovely Georgian Bay Coastal Scenic Route would not fall short of enjoyments. The area has over 1600 islands. More than too many things wait for you to choose some favourites, if you can’t spare as much time to see all that is good; you will have reasons to come back. You can simply experience the nature in several forms; in the waters, on the land and maintains.

Motorcycle Tour
Better is to start by getting acquainted with Georgian Bay Coastal to see what it has kept open for you. The Georgian Bay Coastal Route Motorcycle Tour takes you through the splendid scenic beauty in the region of Georgian Bay, Ontario. The route road is a along clear blue waters of Georgian Bay. The road is very comfortable with plenty of facilities for relaxation.

Enjoy the Beaches
Not one, but are a few beaches offer you unforgettable beach experience. First comes, the Wasaga Beach. It is the longest white sand freshwater beach in the world. There the beach at Killbear Provincial Park offers great camping site. The 11 km long golden sand beach, Sauble Beach, is located on Lake Huron. The curved beach of Manitoulin Island is a thrilling pace to walk along clear blue expanse beyond. Any activities you like, splash in water, relaxes in the sun or take a long beach walk, everything is a delightful experience.

Tantalizing collection of Lighthouses
The Imperial Towers built in 1850s, is a gathering of 32 lighthouses and 6 limestone towers. The view is sufficient to get lost in the history for mere charm of age radiated from their witnessing maritime activity of mankind for over two centuries.

Marine Heritage Tour
A thrilling ride on glass bottom boat will take you over to the site of shipwreck in Fathom Five National Marine Park, the first Marine Park in Canada. You can access this marine park from Nancy Island, which also exposes you to the hull of HMS Nancy Schooner. The feeling is one of dragging you immediately of the distant past of the fate of the ship.

Adventures Outdoor
These are just too many to state. You can get to indulge in any sort of activities you like; it is all at your choice. Certainly, variety is left open to keep satisfying every kind of vocational activities. Memorable experiences on Georgian Bay come from sailing, kayaking, rock climbing. Riding in kayaks (the small canoe), and more of such adventurous indulgences. North Channel is known worldwide for sailing may be your goal or it could be paddling the kayak to Killarney Provincial Park’s campsites.

Scenic view of Niagara Escarpment
Niagara Escarpment is a World Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO. The view of bay is breathtaking from this place. The mountain biking is tremendous in Collingwood and other towns in numerous biking trails.

You can enjoy the best freshwater cruising in the area. Of course you can go for marine cruises taking services of professional mariners to explore the rocky shores of Georgian Bay or take long cruises.

Understand the Nature
A trip to Killarney Provincial Park in picturesque village of Killarney will be too devouringly unfolded beauty of natural.

Birds and Orchids
This charming bay region offers you a very good bird watching pleasure. For those who love orchids can see plenty of rare species of orchids.

RV Tour
The speciality of RV Tour is offering memorable camping vacation in RV Park that rolls booth the charms of blue waters and beautiful land scene.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Nov 6, 2009

Top Ten things to do on your Alberta cottage rental vacation

Your planned trip to Alberta can be much inspiring and charming with sheer exquisiteness of variety. The place has many engrossing things to keep you really tied to the last drop of energy. It demands to get you fresh for the next day after soothing comforts of Alberta cottage rental. There is a large list of attractions for you to explore in all the regions like Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Banff, and Jasper. These attractions are theme parks, historical sites, museums and national parks. There is no shortage in other fronts like shopping, boating, fishing and golfing.

Fishing in Banff
You get guided fishing activities all round the year in Canadian Rockies. It provides you the opportunity of wading through Bow River. Fishing in Bow River and Lake Minnewanka, both offer angling and spin casting. Fishing in Lake Minnewanka can be done from later half of March to the first week of September. You can also go for exhilarating Ice fishing to Spray Lake.

Banff National Park, Alberta
Heightened features of this park are its being the first National Park of Canada and that this park has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Riding to the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff
It is a spectacular panoramic view of six mountain ranges. It is a trip aboard four passenger gondola cabin. Enjoy dining when you reach at the summit. The place is called Banff Skywalk, the Cosmic Ray Station of Canada. Here you also see Sanson’s Peak Meteorological Station.

Fishing in Edmonton
The fishing place is called Stony Plain to offer you day long guided fishing; everything you need for fishing is provided. This offers you to venture into wilderness or try your hands in local lakes. The variety of fish easily seen here are northern pike, sturgeon, goldeye and walleye. You can opt for both one day and multi-day packages.

Other recreations offered by Edmonton
These are outdoor adventures like tipi camping, canoe trips, nature hikes, fishing tours, getting acquainted with aboriginal culture, tours by jet boats and fishing tours.

Canmore Nordic Center Provincial Park
This place was developed for Winter Olympic Games Nordic events in 1988. In 2005 the center was redesigned to be a world class mountain biking destination. The biking track is more than 100 km long. There is also an 18-hole golf course. This park is also the home for Canada’s Biathlon ski.

Dog Sledding
The activity is famous as Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours for racing as also touring in Bow valley. For tourists dog sledging is going to be an impassioned experience. This is going to remain as the most pleasant and committed negotiation on the snowy slopes; exclusivity remains in Canada only, nowhere else.

White Water Rafting
You are welcome to get indulged in White Water rafting in Jasper National Park. The facility is a seasonal availability on Sunwapta, Athabasca and Fraser rivers. Rafting is more enjoyable with full overnight camping trips.

Jasper National Park in Alberta
This national park has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well adorned with title Glacial Jewel of Rockeries. The park is located in Spirit Island in
Maligne Lake in Jasper. This is largest glacially fed lake and offers canoeing and guided fishing.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your British Columbia cottage rental vacation

Versatile tourist attractions of British Columbia will leave you not much time to relax. Simply the place has too much to offer- spectacular harbor of Victoria, fantastic cityscape of Vancouver and mountains of Kamloops. While Victoria offers lot of thrills of the sea, it also has many things spread out for enjoyment. Vancouver has ample of attractions starting with enjoyment of sailing, canoeing, water sports, skiing and tracking in coastal mountains. Kamloops Mountain is well known for bike riding with beautiful, easy to access tracks for riders. British Columbia cottage rental is the only befitting way to be properly installed for enjoying this place.

Go whale watching in Victoria
Having come to Victoria, you must have the privilege of seeing these largest animals of creation in their natural habitat. The city has professional companies that guide the tourists with all modern facilities to watch killer whales.

Kabuki Kab Ride
A little cab attached to a bike may not sound something attractive, but take it for granted there is some unusual attraction to feel about. Kabuki Kab Rides take you around not at a high speed, but at an enjoyable pace of movement to devour scenic beauty of the place.

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride
Step into the old world on horse drawn carriage. A ride around the city on a horse drawn carriage offers a perfect charm of roaming about the town of Victoria in leisurely manner reminding of old times. These carriages are beautiful and nicely maintained by company having rights for operating the ride in Victoria.

Butchart Gardens
The most scenic park, Butchart Gardens, offers breathtaking closeness to astounding flora both during summer and winter seasons. It has striking vegetation and wonderful spread of floral colors. No single tourist gets tired of repeating visits to this garden in Victoria.

Water sports in Vancouver
Call any sort of popular water sports, Vancouver is naturally well fortified with rivers, lakes and coastline. Go out sailing, canoeing, rafting and anything that you are fond of, Vancouver has the facility. You are assured to be accompanied with spectacular viewing of beautiful coastline with contrasting snow-clad mountains.

Fishing in Vancouver
Island of Vancouver and Kootenay Rockies are main places with ample of scope for fishing salmon as well as cod, burbot, trout and whitefish. Fishing is allowed against securing license for enjoying the sport in over 200 lakes around Kamloop Mountains.

Watching whales
March is the month of migration of whales in Pacific Rim. You can see Pacific grey whales, the humpback whales and Mink whales as well the killer whales. The sandy beaches of Tofino and Ucluelet towns, close to Vancouver, offer better watching.

Skiing in Vancouver
Vancouver has all sources for varied type of skiing. Besides normal skiing, you can go for snowcat skiing or heli skiing, snowboarding and glacier skiing in summers. A number of skiers like running across distances by ski-touring.

Kamloops Heritage Railway's Steam Train
This ghost train offers on hour journey enacting an old train robbery. The steam locomotive is a great source of enjoyment for all the ages.

Biking in Kamloops
This beautiful mountain range has large tracts for biking to fully enjoy the undulating topography passing through canyons. There is ample of place well laid for cross country biking. Kamloops Bike Ranch is an expansive bike park well groomed to satisfy adventurous and tuff bikers.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Nova Scotia cottage rental vacation

The historic Nova Scotia is always ready with ample of attractions for the tourists. Nova Scotia cottage rentals make your holidays most comfortable for enjoying the beauty to its fullest extent. Nova Scotia has historic fortresses- Louisbourg, Anne and Edward. It is an experience to be roaming in the past to feel the way of life in earlier generations. Joggins Fossil Center is accredited to be declared as a World heritage Center by UNESCO. Anyone visiting Nova Scotia can be assured of packed historic places as well very modern entertainment facilities offering a perfect combination of the past and present.

Fort Louisbourg, Annapolis
This fort had major involvement in Anglo-French struggle against North America. It reminds of a seizure by the British in 1768 and returned to France under a treaty. But, again in 1758 it was taken over by British force under a bloody war mounted over the French power. 

Fort Anne. Annapolis
This fort has also witnessed many encounters between the British and French rulers from 17th to18th centuries. The British people called the place as Nova Scotia and the French as Acadia.

Fort Edward, Annapolis
This fort can be seen as the reminiscent of earthwork used for defending forts. It was built in 1750 and stands as one of the oldest blockhouses in Canada.   

Upper Clements Parks
It is a premium amazement park of Canada which offers varied types of entertainment features. The rides provide specifically breathtaking view of Annapolis valley when it reaches you over treetops. You can enjoy all the attractions with discounted group rates or have fast passes. Clement Park also has an additional wildlife park.

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
The name of park serves both the purposes factually. The park houses heritage tapestry work of Europeans settled in Canada. It is a theme park that is appropriately linked with different sections of heritage collections on display. It is certainly a well laid beautiful garden with rich collection of flora.

North Hills Museum
This was in fact a private collection house with18th and 19thn century artefacts made of silver, Georgian glass and porcelain; as also old furniture of walnut and mahogany wood. In 1974, this marvellous collection house was turned as public property and now run by Historic Restoration Society of Annapolis. North Hill Museum is considered as a part of Nova Scotia Museum. It is located in Granville Ferry.

Shand House
This is a Victorian type of house built by Shands family in 1890s with awesomely features for then. These were electric lighting, central heating, indoor plumbing and closets. The tower of Shand House offers spectacular view of Windsor town’s river with large ships reminding of those days when the town was a major place of shipping industry. The house still preserves many of the family’s personal belongings, medallions and trophies.

Prescott House
This is a place where Charles Ramage Prescott cultivated and started Nova Scotia’s apple industry about 150 years ago. The house is now a museum located in Starrs Point.

Whale Interpretive Centre, Pleasant Bay
Particularly the coast along Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a well identified place for whale watching. The Interpretive Centre has been created to make the study of the cyclic feature of whale migration related to the oceanic environmental features. The center is also engaged in educating people about behavioral pattern of the whale.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Top Ten things to do on your Saskatchewan cottage rental vacation

Vacation in Saskatchewan offer vast treeless grassy stretches and named after ‘Kisisskatchewan’ which stands for rivers in native language. The place is not a consistent prairie. But, also has abrupt variations with rivers and forests. Hence, the province supports two national parks namely Grasslands National Park in the southwest and Prince Albert National Park in the north of Canada. To make one astonished, Saskatchewan is said to have about 100,000 lakes, streams and rivers. It has enjoyable seclusion and more enjoyable with Saskatchewan cottage rental.

Abundance of Fishing
If you are interested in fishing you should be in Saskatchewan in winters. The normal season for fishing practically remains round the year.  You can have enormous scope of fishing in the water body strewn land. About 68 species of fish are found in Churchill and Lac la Ronge Rivers.

Heaven for birdwatchers
Over 300 bird species find their best natural nesting grounds in reserve sites of Lake Quill and Lake Chaplin. Some of the rare species found here are Peregrine falcons, Hudsonian godwits and Ferruginous hawks.

The outdoor adventures
There is no insufficiency in any way for outdoor adventure activities. You can go for anything like camping, canoeing, wildlife watching, boating, hiking and biking. The range of activity is laid open for you; select the ones you like and enjoy them. The availability adventure options will leave you in dismay to see the facilities even in remote wilderness of Saskatchewan. There are well defined routes for canoeing; you can row across vast expanse of water with full support of equipments and guide services if you want. However, the instructions are very clear and complete for the tourists to follow and enjoy best canoeing. You can explore the place best by biking. There are defined routes for biking.

There are scores of camping ground in the place with best facilities to offer the charm of sleeping under the sky.

Horse riding
Riding on horseback is a way of life in Canada, not a pleasure riding. You can have the joy of riding horses, the way done by natives. Certainly you will get full support and guidance for long runs thorough the grassland.

Big hunting ground
The southern section of prairie land and northern wooded section provide good scope of hunting, being the natural habitat of wildlife. Water bird hunting is specifically favored due to abundance of geese, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, ducks and Sharp-tailed grouse. Land animals easily available for hunting are moose, white-tailed deer and black bear. However, there is restriction on hunting elk, antelope and mule deer.

Winter sports
Saskatchewan has the facilities for skiing, skating and ice hockey. There are plenty of identified skiing locations.

Enjoy festivals
It is totally different experience to participate in festivals exclusive to certain areas. A number of annual festivals are held in Saskatchewan. These are arranged with more pomp and gay by the hotels and fully participated by tourists. Regina is one of these, celebrated for several days in the month of August. The same is seen for annual festival called Frontier Days.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder