Dec 15, 2009

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in Saskatchewan

The stuff of winter activities in beauty packed Saskatchewan can be better enjoyed if you make a sketchy decision of what activities to get indulged in during this vacation and what all to keep in reserve for the next winter. But, it is well known that you can fully enjoy the stay if you take Saskatchewan cottage rental vacation. Just take the word for it that winters are a too eventful time in this place for every individual. A journey through the groomed trails with mild soothing fragrance from the forest around will be enough to make you jump like a child to say yes for any activity you come across.

This is a little fancy term used for racing behind skiers on dog sleds on the powder snow. Otherwise, the skiing and dog sledding offer completely different charm of their own.

Dog Sledding
Dog sledding event is unique to let you be immersed in this traditional way, which is being nurtured for centuries as a means of negotiating vast expanse of snow and lead the life in reality. It gives a feeling of oneness commanding pack of unknown, but well trained dogs to be overwhelmed with endless natural beauty all around. Nothing to bother about, most of the tourists like you experience dog sledding for the first time in the life; there are skilled dog handlers to help you out and make you to be on your own for sledding. You can go for long sledding errands or even overnight pleasure trips as you like. But, be assured you will love to spend more time sledding.

Hundreds of kilometres of groomed skiing trails await for both the experienced skiers as well the novice. It is a fun and thrill to learn skiing in Saskatchewan under well trained instructors. For experienced long haulers, there are ample of midway shelters with facility of wooden stoves.

Downhill Skiing
The downhill Skiing is especially attractive to the beginners. There are well groomed sloping trails for easy downhill skiing, all dotted around parks, and forests with abundantly beautiful vista. There is no shortage of midway shelters for the skiers. There are plenty of country recourses for comforts and assistance for the skiers in long trails.

Cross-country Skiing
Saskatchewan province is known for easy access to cross-country skiing trails. Ample of resorts offering bed and breakfast to the skiers make it an easy place for this activity. You can find trail networks at Prince Albert National Park and Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Incidentally Saskatchewan is considered as the best for downhill skiers. The provincial parks of Good Spirit Lake, Greenwater Lake, Battlefords, Lac La Ronge, Duck Mountain, and Moose Mountain are also good for starting cross-country skiing.

The snowmobiling is quite advanced in Saskatchewan. The local government has come forward to promote the activity in a big way forming Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Inc. Their objective is to develop snowmobiling to groom up the naturally supported trails. Well laid trails in this place even have regular traffic regulation for making the speed lovers to enjoy the activity with safety.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in British Columbia

Every corner of British Columbia offers charming winter activities for whole of the family. It is a mixture of both wilderness and bustling metro life, which you can enjoy for most of the seasonal relaxation. British Columbian winter vacation will let you have access to all the activities you may have been waiting eagerly. For extracting total joy of your stay use British Columbia cottage rental to have a worry free stay. You can make your choice of available winter activities in BC out of activities like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and many others. This area is famous all over the world for sleigh rides, dog sledding, cross country skiing and ice fishing to name a few. British Columbia radiates warmth during icy winters in northern part of the continent.

Cypress Mountain, Vancouver, BC
It won’t be a justice unless the admiration of this place is recounted with being elected venue for hosting 2010 Winter Olympic Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing events. This mountain boasts of 52 trails accessed through 9 lifts. The skiing facilities go for Night skiing and Nordic skiing besides facilities for snow tubing and snowshoeing.

Purden Ski Village
It is the best skiing and snowboarding area in central British Columbia. This mountain ski village offers 1,200 feet vertical drop of the slop. Lake View trail offers the longest run. You will get all the facility of buying or taking equipments on rent.

Dawson Creek
This is a famous cross-country skiing ground off Bear Mountain Forest trail. The renowned skiing spots around Dawson Creek area are trail in Beatton Provincial Park, which is a cross-country skiing route and Andy Bailey Provincial Recreation Area. Both skiing areas are known for fluffy powder snow.

Pine Pass
Pine Pass is another known skiing ground having powder snow. The pass is located in the wooded area called Powder King. The trail has well groomed slopes and awful drop of 2,100 feet.

West Lake Provincial Park
This park is also known for cross-country skiing, and also tobogganing and snowshoeing. This is an ungroomed trail with a big location suitable for picnic and supported with all necessary shelters.

Big Bam Ski Hill
Big Bam Ski Hill is run by volunteers from the community of Taylor for skiing. Access to the summit is provided through tow lift, the lifting height is 180 feet.

You will find several skiing areas in British Columbia. Some to name are:
1. Prince George, the cross-country skiing trail.
2. Cottonwood Island skiing trail.
3. The skiing trail of the University of Northern British Columbia.
4. Moore's Meadow skiing trail.

There are trails in Tabor Mountain and Otway, which are smaller, but enjoyable ones. In these two places you will be charged a little fee for use. The Eskers Provincial Park on Chief Lake Road and the Giscome Portage Heritage Trail are other skiing trail in Prince George area. If you consider for all skiing trails in BC, it is stunningly large in numbers, some groomed and some not.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a lot of winter activities, which are most enjoyable and provide unique thrilling experience to the tourists of all ages. The physical and sports activities in winters in this place are not limited for only them who dare taking adventurous feats, but open to anyone according to physical abilities. To enjoy winters thoroughly you need to use Nova Scotia cottage rental vacation. There are too refreshing activities that expose you to stunning natural panorama.

Cross-country skiing
This is one of the main attractions, particularly for those who are newcomers and want getting engaged in skiing. Nova Scotia has ample of long gentle slopes for taking real feel of the activity without exposure to a notable risk. This place has several trails including a good number of cross-country trails. Among major cross-country skiing trails, Kejimkujik National Park offers a total of 34 km long well groomed trail, including 10 km of ungroomed length. This trail has facilities for shelter and wood stoves for skiers. Cape Breton, called as Cabot trail, is another popular cross-country trail for great views of nature and wilderness. Interesting location the skiers cross on this trail are Gold Mine, Warren Lake, Black Brook Loops and Broad Cove. This trail has all the facilities for overnight camping cabins, warm-up shelters and waxing huts. There are more skiing trails and to name a few are Trans Canada Trail, Hostelling International and Five Islands Provincial Park.

Aurora Borealis
Viewing Aurora Borealis should be considered as one of the main tourist activity since you can witness this grandeur of nature only in winters. No tourist visiting Nova Scotia can afford to miss this exclusive splendid sight. The vibrant colors of light in the night sky can be best viewed from of Blachford Lake with special package for the tourists. A visit to the place in itself is the greatest winter activities.

This is an activity to make you feel just as the wild animals feel rolling in powder snow. Just be within the mountains of powder snow and continue engaging yourself to explore how else you can enjoy the wild way. You are escorted to the terrain on transport.

The skiing paradise of Nova Scotia has full fledged scope to let you act like our forefathers did and still popular; it is traversing the snow covered expanse. Tourists will have quite enjoyable time by the traditional way of walking through snow in special type of heavy snow boots. All the accessories are available locally and even available on rent.

Come again the way earlier people were quite dependent upon to move across snowy spreads, the dogsledding. You will take extreme pleasure in getting pulled with your pack of sled dogs through the rustic beauty. There is nothing to be worried about dogsledding in this place because you are guided by good instructors.

You cannot miss the excitement of speed in the snowy paradise of
Nova Scotia. There are well laid snowmobiling tracks; in fact in certain places, a systematic traffic ways with rules to follow. The indulgence will take you through spectacular views along the fivers and lakes on foothills of mountains.

For tourists, there are good many more winter activities lay open to choose from depending upon both very engaging types to relaxing types.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in Prince Edward Island

Plenty of winter activities await your participation in Prince Edward Island. Winter months are busy beyond imagination of many tourists. The activities draw thousands to crowd around and enjoy the season with her petals of beauty fully opened. But, this all can be best savored when you are comfortably settled taking Prince Edward Island cottage rental. The place offers spending winter in a welcoming way, more beautiful and comfortable than expected.

This is a great fun for all. The kids love it especially for thrilling moments of speed. Neat and flawless trails run through amazing beauty of the nature all around. You will agree that possibly nature has spilled everything from her kitty of winter for adorning this island. The trails have been selected out in a much systemized way to let you enjoy both, speeding through the woods and vast farmlands.

Winter months are especially popular in the Prince Edward Island for the experienced skiers, but the activity is equally shared by the beginner. Experienced skiers are free to choose any style as they like to sharpen their skiing skills; enjoying both, the vertical fall style or speeding down long alpine trails are there for you. The choice is up to you whether you like a drop or speeding through slopes, there are plenty of trails including ungroomed ones. Well admired trails in Prince Edward Island are Woodland Trail, Green Gables Ski Trail and Bubbling Spring trail. The tourist facilities are well cared with easy availability of equipments and guide for beginners. The starting point near Dalvay Administration Office of the park has heated warm up rooms for comforts.

The Woodland Trail is a mid size, 5 km long trail situated close to Dalvay entrance of the park. Green Gables Ski Trail is the largest trail in length, about 13 km. Bubbling Springs Trail is the smallest, 2 km long, one and also located around Dalvay entrance of the park. All of these trails are groomed trails with ski shelter at the center of the trail.

Snowshoeing is something like carrying out the legacy of olden times, walking through the snow with heavy snowshoes. Many take it to be not so thrilling experience compared to other action packed winter activities. But, they will prove themselves wrong once they get the admirable taste of Snowshoeing. It means a lot- walking through soft snow, struggling to get out of the knee deep snow and mild fall-down provide exclusive charm. The Reeds and Rushes Trail snowshoeing trail is a 0.7 km long trail and begins from a location close to Dalvay Administration Office of the park. The infrastructure provides a heated rest room for the tourists.

Gorgeous Dalvay Lake offers lovely skating area over a portion of frozen lake and some areas around it. However, skating over the frozen lake is permitted if the ice formation is conducive enough to the activity. Picturesque surrounding turns more attractive for the presence of Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site. The infrastructure for skating is well advanced with selected out trails, well groomed for community purpose.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in New Brunswick

It could be an astonishing winter holidays for your family spending the time in winter in New Brunswick. It is an outstanding area for winter activities with every kind of facilities are available at your beck and call. Every bit of services you that get here are of international standards, if not surpass. Your holidays are made comfortable by the New Brunswick cottage rentals. Enjoy and explore the thrill of every kind of activities- skiing, snowboarding, Snowmobiling, pond hockey and others. It is a never ending enjoyment, unforgettable and silently creeping in your mind to repeat.

Pond Hockey
You may feel it to be just a sport to watch. Certainly, you are feeling correctly. The game being played by two teams is for watching, if you are not a player. Hold on here; just get to know watching Pond Hockey in itself is a big activity since every bit of you is present on the ice playground absorbed in every moment. It is a great fun and a great thrill to watch a match here in New Brunswick. It is the place hosting popular World Pond Hockey Championships. Everyone of your family will recount watching this activity to be the great activity to be indulged in.

The whole country as such has many skiing spots, but New Brunswick occupies a different position for this activity. There are quite a few well groomed trails for skiing in New Brunswick. Whether you are a regular skier or a newcomer just wanting to relish the joy of skiing, New Brunswick welcomes you with open arms. Every facility needed for skinning is available from number of shops who sell and rent out equipment and accessories. There is even on-site ski school at Sugarloaf Provincial Park, which awards certificate after the training; an enduring possession for the grown up kids. This place hosts a dozen of groomed alpine slopes. Highest drop is 155 m and runs to a maximum of 1,070 m. Canadian Ski Patrol efficiently looks after safety of the skiers.

The slopes of Sugarloaf Provincial Park, make snowboarding quite a fun for the adventurers. For many snowboarding in itself pays off for all the interest taken to visit New Brunswick for winter activities. This place has admirable mountain slopes and snow, a perfect combination for the activity. The place has earned it fame for matching facilities for manoeuvring on the snow and slopes.

You can easily learn the activity, for adventuresome individuals it is most inviting. However, no one should be scared about this activity, learning Snowboarding
is going to be a lifetime experience. There are expert instructors to make you learn the trick of twists to balance on the snow.

New Brunswick is extraordinary to expose you to every type of winter activities even if you are not an experienced individual. The place has plenty of parks to indulge in all sorts of winter activities. Some say the place to be heaven for spending active winters.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Cottage vacation Winter Activities in Alberta

Alberta has great natural settings to let you totally get immersed in ample of winter activities of all sorts. There are certain activities, which can be unequivocally enjoyed in Alberta when you use the advantage of on Alberta cottage rental vacation. Let us take you through a round for having an idea about a few winter activities as great lifetime adventures to make your vacation fulfilling.

Ice Climbing and Ice Walking
Strange beauty of the valleys and gorges can be delightfully enjoyed by the guided walks in Jasper’s Maligne Canyon and Banff’s Johnson Canyon. Climbing on the steep slopes of Yamnuska Mountain is a challenge. You can get into this thrilling activity according to your choice for a whole day climbing engagement or for more days. If you get fascinated to ice climbing, you can undergo to a crash climbing training course in climbing school. There are plenty of facilities in Alberta to let you devour the beauty by ice walking. In fact, walking is the only way for one to squeeze down every drop of natural beauty to the heart.

The roots of activities on the ice may have come to you right from the time you were in school and did skating in indoor arenas, as a common happening in school days. Skating in Alberta is the natural manifestation of the activity, overtly different in feelings. A much known places for skating is the frozen lagoon in Calgary’s Bowness Park. The other popular skating place for skating are Banff’s Lake Minnewanka and the Vermillion Lakes. Playing hockey on frozen grounds is too thrilling, but it needs a lot of training and practice. For excitement of ice hockey, you must visit Hawrelak Park in Edmonton to see the Silver Skate Festival.

Winter Railway Tours
There is exclusive pleasure of taking a rail journey through the mountains in winter. Here you can take a deluxe multi-day journey of Rocky Mountains called Canadian Rockies. The journey opens up splendid panorama of snow filled valleys, frozen waterfalls and deep ravines of wilderness, never possible to enjoy otherwise.

Ice Fishing
After your engagement in hectic winter activities, you can take this relaxing, but much enjoyable ice fishing. In winters you get maximum catch of whitefish and perch besides some trout, pike and walleye. It is some kind of feeling as real inhabitants of the world of ice to dig a hole on the surface and lower a line. You can do the exercise almost any where you like on the frozen lakes, but it is better to check with local authorities for regulations. Banff area offers plenty of scope for ice fishing with guides and scheduled places for the activity, the Spray Lake in Kananaskis being the most popular. If you are a lover of reel angling, there is no problem as you can get all the support for it.

Aerial Sightseeing
You can devour the overall fabulous beauty of Alberta area; take the airborne view on helicopters or fixed wing airplanes. There are regularly scheduled flights for this purpose.

Dog sledding
Dog sledding brings back all the relaxation to lovingly active phase, which every individual of your family will love to spend time with. Commanding the pack of trained sled dogs offers spectacular charm in viewing the nature around in a very traditional way.

Rent Cottage Canada. Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder
Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder