May 10, 2010

The best Nova Scotia beaches - Heather beach

Heather beach

There is no dearth of treasures in this world and exploring a small part of such treasures make a memorable journey for the tourists. One such fine destination is Nova Scotia, which a popular province of Canada with rich tourism activities. One of the attractive highlights of the province is Heather Beach that offers numerous secrets of the nature. You will simply love the atmosphere and the wide range of entertaining activities in the Heather Beach area, which is located in Cumberland County of Nova Scotia. The beach is situated around 12 kms north of Pugwash; if you take the Sunrise Trail, it is positioned at 40 km distance from the southeast portion of Amherst.


Huge varieties of fun and entertainment opportunities galore in the nearby areas of the beach. The sandy beach is just perfect for biking and strolling and enjoy the terrific vistas all round. Furthermore, there are boardwalks, washrooms and parking lot on the beach, which ensures the complete convenience. The area is clean and well maintained by the Department of natural Resources.


Enjoying the offering of the Heather Beach is fun and safe. The conditions are usually calm with the temperature of the water is above 22 degree C. Mostly the sandbars remain exposed during the low tide which ensures the safety even further. The slope is steady and doesn’t get into deep all of a sudden. On top of that, there are lifeguards always patrolling on the beach to ensure the safety measures of the tourists. They supervise the area where the visitors can swim. Having fun in the Heather Beach thus provides peace of mind.


This immensely attractive beach was under the supervision of the 1973’s Nova Scotia Beach Supervision Program. Heather Beach was among the fifteen original beaches first administered under the program.


You can find several beach cottages along the lovely Sunrise Trail, which provides easy access to the Heather Beach. The accommodations provide easy access to excellent amenities and services such as outdoor barbecue, well furnished kitchens, fire pit, excellent baths, and a lot more.

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The best Newfoundland beaches - Pasadena Beach

Pasadena Beach, Newfoundland

Located in the western part of Newfoundland, Pasadena is encompassed by the mystique beauty of Humber valley. To consider the area in totality, Pasadena has to be seen as whole with Midland and South brook communities. One can have the taste of rural life with modern amenities in Pasadena with abundance of beach activities and greenery. The beauty of the town earned it Tidy towns Award for 1997, so it is easy to assume how beautifully this lovely town is maintained. Factually, Pasadena is a wonderful destination to enjoy the sun and the sea, as also a sprawling place of business with a lot of shipping and flight activities.

A place with lovely beach and lot of fresh water resources.

It is a place gifted with charms of both sea and fresh water. Pasadena beach is an immensely popular destination for summer vacation and offers a lot of frolicking activities in the fresh water lake as well as exploring the waterways down the Hunter River. Pasadena Beach provides ample of water based recreations such as boating, swimming, kayaking, etc. The views around the beach are simply amazing and one feels the ecstasy almost instantly. The cultural activities in Pasadena is rich with ample of sightseeing and entertainment.

The shores of Deer Lake

The sandy shores of Deer Lake attract every traveler to enjoy each day of stay in the town with family. It offers summer long enjoyment, whether one wants to spend bathing under the sun or swimming in the fresh water. The attraction gets extended with a well groomed Ski and Nature Park spread over 19 kms with breathtaking views.

The fabulous food

When you are down to the Pasadena Beach, you must stop by the infamous eatery in the area called The Oasis Grill House. Though the restaurant was not very big in size in its earlier days, it was after 2008, the expansion work took place, and now it can accommodate numerous customers and entertain them. Now, the restaurant is inclusive of more decking space, more entertainment options, more interior seating arrangements, an expanded kitchen and five addition bathroom units.

How to reach

Towards the Deer Lake from Corner Brook, take the Trans Canada Highway East. You will come at Exit 12 from where you have to take right turn to enter the Pasadena town. On the Main Street, travel towards the east until you reach the 1st Avenue from where you have to take a left turn. Go on straight at the 4 way stop by following the 1st avenue. On arriving at the Ryans Road, right turn and cross the bridge. You will reach the beach entrance.

Accommodation features

To match up with the increasing popularity of the beach, attractive accommodation facilities are also developed in the nearby areas. There is a wide range of attractive cottages and other sorts of comfortable accommodations in the Pasadena Beach area.

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The best Newfoundland beaches - New Perlican Beach

New Perlican Beach, Newfoundland

The New Perlican area of Newfoundland consists of two beaches; The New Perlican Harbor in the eastern side and the Vitter’s Cove situated in the western side. Vitter’s is a beach that can be enjoyed around the year and offers extensive walking up to the Bloody Point. It is also a good location for hiking with different elevations. The whole area has lovely walking trails. Grates Cove area provides a number of trails and picnic spots with a rocky area called ‘Gulch Rocks’, a wonderful spot for observing sea fish and other sea life. Amidst a rocky landscape, the headland offers the view of Wiggys Beach Trail leading to North Atlantic Ocean. The New Perlican area is full of natural beach trails, rocky hiking areas and the ocean from several angles.

Fascinating geography

New Perlican area has a fascinating geography of costal indentations. The distinct ones of tourists’ attractions are Vitters Cove, The Hole of Garlep, Salmon Cove, Rump Cove, Jones Cove, Bacon Cove, Turks Cove, Heron Cove and Lazy Cove. Adjoining beaches of the area are Smut Beach and Garlep Beach. There is cape called Sugar loaf, making a prominent change in the coastal direction. Of course, New Perlican Harbor happens to be an area suitable for shipping activities.

Trails in New Perlican Area

Apart from the beaches and coves, one can hardly separate plentiful of natural hiking trails existing in New Perlican. Take the example of hiking to Butter Pot Hill of approximately 6.6 km length for fantastic views from the summit of the hill. The trail starts at Butterpot Provincial Park. Another trail called Cupids Walking Trail leads to the deserted community in Burnt heads providing spectacular views of whale watching, Bell Island, Conception Bay and beaches around. The Crout's Way Trail offers is an adventurous trail and demands overnight camping to explore the area. Other prominent trails in the area are Trail of the Eagles, Victoria Walking Trails, Rattles Road Trail with a marshy stretch, Murphy’s Road and the path to Blue Hill Dam.

Places worth visiting

While one enjoys the abundance of natural beauty of the blue expanse of ocean and beaches all around in the backdrop of hills and challenging trails, the richness of national historic sites cannot be ignored. Some of this is Hawthrone Cottage, Port au Choix, L'Anse aux Meadows, Avondale Railway Station and Ryan Premises; there are more of such sites.

The King’s Cove lighthouse has its historical relevance being the first lighthouse in Newfoundland fitted with revolving kerosene light imported from Sweden. It is located in Crown Hill and has now become a site of an annual event called the King’s Cove Lighthouse Festival under the aegis of King’s Cove Historical Society. It is a three day celebration starting with walk to the historical Lighthouse tower.
The area carries a rich art and cultural heritage, which is kept alive through a number of galleries and theatre halls.

The Fluvarium offers viewing the underwater life of Nagle’s Hill Brook educating the people relevance of freshwater in the ecosystem. The Geo Centre is totally dedicated to the concern for the planet, the people and its future. They hold many regular programs and lecture series for the public.

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The best Newfoundland beaches - Elliston Beach

Elliston Beach, Newfoundland

Elliston is a historic town renowned for birds and most beautiful sandy beaches. In fact, it was a place for the fishermen’s community in Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland. The island of Sandy Cove beach welcomes the visitors to surf the waters, enjoy the sun, have good tanning and stay in the camps, if one wants to feel the beauty with overnight stays. There is nothing to think twice for overnight rendezvous of camping in Sandy Cove Beach, every facility is provided in the campground. Elliston is also called the Root Cellar Capital of the world with 135 root cellars that existed in the place. The place hosts clusters of communities, namely Bonavista, Trinity and Port Union.

Lovely places to see:

The 733 hectares park, Lockston Path Provincial Park, in Port Rexton, was opened in 1966 for camping and has undergone upgrading with modern facilities like picnic tables, fireplace, parking, wash room and hot showers, toilet including laundry conveniences.

Sandy Cove Beach, Elliston is the most beautiful sand beach rolling in pleasant sunlight- a heaven for both sunbathers and fun lovers. The area has a playground, and fully facilitated picnic and camping grounds for overnight stays.
Look Out Park / Look Out Hill, Trinity Bay North offers tremendous sighting of glaciers and slopping down rocks to be sunken in crystal clear water.
Root cellars have been the popular method of storing food in areas of Elliston and Maberly. One will find a large number of old root cellar structures in the area, which were used to keep the food is cold in summer months and prevent the food from freezing in winters.

Dungeon Provincial Park, Cape Bonavista is about a mile away from Trinity Bay side of the peninsula and known for its remarkable type of rock formation, called Dungeon. There are two dungeons in Elliston – Mini Dungeon and Felsenmeer Dungeon.

Mini Dungeon is located close to the Sandy Cove with its peculiar land formation, but much smaller in caparison to the other one.

Felsenmeer Dungeons feature a rare assemblage of rocks that is believed to have happened during the glacial period. There are two Felsenmeer in Newfoundland. Peculiarly, Newfoundland Felsenmeer is accessible on foot due to low elevations through Elliston Ridge trails and Mark's Path.

Flowers Cove valley is located close to Maberly. The cove has fresh water brook is a regular sit of festivals and events due to its wonderful scenic charm. This cove is also a part of Little Catalina Trail.

Bird Island Puffin Festival:

Bird Island Puffin Festival a large one held in July with traditional ‘boil up’. It draws a very large gathering and hosts cultural events. The festival holds activities in the categories of lucky draws and contests of skill. The food and entertainment compose of Root Cellar Jiggs Dinner, Pot Luck Meals, Moose Burgers, Pot Luck Meals, Beer Tent, Gospel Sunday and 60 Hours of Live Entertainment. Similarly, there is a plenty of contests of skill like Peninsula Idol, a contest; Norman Pearce Memorial Horseshoe, a challenge and Price is Right, a kids' showcase for 5 to be 12 years old.

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The best Newfoundland beaches - Cape Ray Beach

Cape Ray Beach, Newfoundland

The nature has packed distinct beauty in each place; it needs to be explored with intent of digging out the intrinsic charms. This excellent beach destination is a long stretch dotted with sandy beaches offering a bundle of natural attraction to discover. The tourists will enjoy in the temperate maritime climate of Newfoundland with mercury sticking around 0° C and mild atmosphere in winters. The summer temperature is around 16° C and July is considered as a good time for swimming.
Cape Ray is located on the southwest coast of Canadian provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador. As a domain of British colony in the past, the place can be traced with a heritage of Knights, otherwise the place used to be dominated with fishermen community.

Ample of activities

It is an unmatched place for camping and hiking in gem of naturally adored environment of J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park. Amidst the expanse of Fir, Juniper and Pine forest and blossom of Laurel, Astor and Clintonia, the tourists can walk through the swarm of beautiful Atlantis Fritillary butterflies; surely there will be rabbits and minks to greet you besides White Admirals and moose. In the waters of Atlantic at Cape Ray, dog winkles, sea urchin, blue mussels and surf clam are seen in grand numbers along with other sea creatures. You will excitedly watch the surf clam shells on beaches, some fully grown to about 20cm, in a large number with other very common biogenic forms.

Swimming is adequately supported at J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park with all types of water safety equipments and gadgets in addition to change houses. Cape Ray Beaches are crowded with swimmers and sun tanners in summers.
Other popular activities at the beach include trout angling, bird watching and of course a playground for all to workup the muscles.

A memorable campsite:

Amidst the rolling grounds covered with Pine, Fir and Juniper, this is a spectacular place for camping with all the existing facilities. Cheeseman Provincial Park is dotted with over 100 camping sites with well laid facilities of fireplace, picnic tables, water supply, toilets and parking space. The campers will have no problem to get the clothes laundered. The park authorities have ensured a comfort station to be actively at the service of campers.

Hikers have a nice natural trail:

The windblown surf at the exit of the 2 kilometer long trail has caused it to be called as Smoky Cape Walking. The trail has nine fitness centers inviting the hikers to see how fit they are to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Provincial Park. The other trail is called Table Mountain trail that allows the view of Table Mountain where 14 men lived when it was a United States Air Force base. It is a splendid walking through the park with spectacular sight of the mountain and two waterfalls en-route.

Engagements away from the beaches:

Rose Blanche attracts everybody for its nice lighthouse. Lightkeeper's House Museum is located next to the lighthouse exhibiting the Eskimo culture. There is sufficient nighttime activity and one is going to certainly enjoy the Newfoundland music.

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