Sep 27, 2010

Autumn – The Other Travel Season

My husband doesn’t like the heat, so we don’t get to Mexico very often. We are typically a paler shade of white, even during the summer months…and we are not overly fond of mosquitoes and their heftier relative, the horsefly. Where does this leave us? - with fond family memories of fall colours in all of their glory. That’s right, we travel in the autumn. I’m a true sucker for the crispy air, the cozy sweaters, and the children’s giggles as they throw leaves at one another.

As a couple without children, we typically traveled to Sudbury and Elliot Lake, our hometowns. We took day trips, hiked and frequented the last of outside pubs and cafes all across the Toronto and Chicago areas (where we lived pre-kiddies). We even did an autumn honeymoon in Whitehorse, in the Yukon! A little different, but remember my husband’s squeamishness to the sun? If you’re ever there, be sure to check out a free tour of the Yukon Brewing Company … and arrange for a designated driver (

Now that we have two wee ones, I’m even more fond of vacationing at this time of the year. Guess what? No one gets a sunburn! With two toddlers, we’ve only ventured to Ottawa and surrounding towns so far; and just last weekend we were lucky enough to get back up to Elliot Lake for a long weekend. The fall colours were in full progression, we noticed shades deepen with each passing day. My son was genuinely surprised to see ‘pink’ trees! It was the perfect time to travel north of Barrie because the colours weren’t really present in Southern Ontario yet, and it was if we had fast-tracked the fall process for my curious three-year-old, who had been enquiring about the season at hand.

As always, we stayed at Dunlop Lake Lodge in Elliot Lake ( We were joined by family and friends the first day we arrived, as the lodge hosted a memorial service for my husband’s grandmother. It was a very special event which honoured the life of a spirited, proud and hard-working woman. It was made more special by the warm sunshine peaking through the lounge windows while we heard the recitation of ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’, one of Grandma’s favourite poems. I looked out over pretty, painted treetops awash with jewel tones and remembered meeting her during our honeymoon in the Yukon.

The warmth of the day allowed for the gathering to move out onto the patio and deck following the service and lunch. Young and old mingled and shared memories of a strong mother; grandmother; sister; aunt. As the service concluded, my children migrated to the waterfront and adjoining gardens onsite. The kids enjoyed the weather, the waves and even a couple of four-wheeler rides that afternoon.

The following day, our immediate family joined the supporters and participants of the Terry Fox Run down at Westview Park on the shores of Elliot Lake ( . We proudly watched my three-year-old son run his first Terry Fox Run on the 30th anniversary of the event. Again, the weather didn’t let us down and we enjoyed the event route and the adjoining playground at Westview Park that whole morning.

Monday morning came around too soon and we had to pack up and regrettably leave the panoramic beauty of the lodge. I wish we could stay on Dunlop Lake year-round. I wish we could dine at Paradise Found every night. I wish our family could spend a lifetime surrounded by autumn hues and hints of sunshine. I bet Grandma and Terry would feel the same.
By Tricia MacDonald

Aug 11, 2010

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Jul 31, 2010


My family and I, we like to think that we’re pros, wise to the game, so to speak. We vacation at cottages twice a year, every year. We never encounter any problems, and always leave with leftover fish, a sunny disposition, and positive feedback.

…Until about a week ago, when we got back from a cottage we rented out for a week. A few months beforehand, we were looking through personal cottage websites. This was our routine, what we always did. Most of our previous rentals were letter-perfect to their online versions. The ones that weren’t, we figured it wasn’t a big deal, that things change with age, that the owners of the cottage were probably a nice little old couple who just hadn’t gotten around to changing the website to match their aging cottage. But this time, it wasn’t just one little problem. It was as if someone directly followed a “What Not To Do” list perfectly, leaving not even the smallest detail unattended.

The website stated that the cottage is “a cottage like no other”. The décor was modern, very unique, very “in”. Or, at least, that’s how it would’ve been described if someone had bothered to dust the place once in a while. It was very unhygienic, absolutely filthy, and most definitely not safe for small children or allergenics. To my horror, dust wasn’t the worst thing to be found atop the bookshelves and behind the tv. There were spiders in each otherwise unoccupied corner, moths helplessly clunking against the lights and windows, and flies whose eternal buzzing could not be quelled even by the highest setting on my trusty electric bug swatter.

The basement was unfinished, so instead of a glamorous looking sauna and comfortable Japanese-style bed in the middle, there were bricks, cement, wooden planks, and tools, blanketed by a thick layer of dust. It reeked of mold, sawdust, and inadequacy. On the site, however, the basement was listed as finished. Huh. Interesting.

There was yet another thing missing: firewood. The cottage came equipped with an indoor fireplace and an outdoor fire pit, for campfires. There was no ready firewood for either. My father had to go into town, and buy it and later chop it by himself to get a nice hearty campfire started. Not too relaxing for what was supposed to be a vacation.

This utter lack of care doesn’t stop at the door, unfortunately. On the site, it said that there was a canoe and a paddleboat available for our enjoyment, free of additional charge. You couldn’t have paid me enough to get into those boats. When we flipped it over, we discovered a thick layer of scum on the seats, paddles, and back of the boat. Already disgusted, we anxiously flipped over the canoe. It didn’t look too bad. Just a stray spider in its web. When that was cleared away, we hurriedly put on our life jackets and pushed ourselves out onto the water. After a few minutes of smooth sailing, we hit a snag. I felt my feet getting wet, and to my disdain, I was stepping in a puddle! Which wouldn’t have happened if not for the minute hole on the bottom of the canoe. We rowed quickly back to shore, our tempers rising in time with the water level in the boat. As we sat down, I couldn’t help but notice the grime and bugs on the furniture itself. Out of two patio swings, four chairs, and a picnic table, the only relatively dirt-free area was the hammock.

When we’d had enough, we piled in the car and happily left the miserable place behind in the dust – no pun intended.

Once at home, I tried to figure out what went wrong, why wasn’t this search as successful as the others? Why was this cottage not worth the staggering $2000 we paid? The answer is this.

Dear cottage owners: if you’re going to advertise your cottage on a rental site, then please make sure that we, as renters, can leave you feedback. Believe you me, having the option to leave feedback shows that you are confident, truthful, and that what you see is what you get.

Maria, Mississauga, ON

Jul 28, 2010

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May 10, 2010

The best Nova Scotia beaches - Heather beach

Heather beach

There is no dearth of treasures in this world and exploring a small part of such treasures make a memorable journey for the tourists. One such fine destination is Nova Scotia, which a popular province of Canada with rich tourism activities. One of the attractive highlights of the province is Heather Beach that offers numerous secrets of the nature. You will simply love the atmosphere and the wide range of entertaining activities in the Heather Beach area, which is located in Cumberland County of Nova Scotia. The beach is situated around 12 kms north of Pugwash; if you take the Sunrise Trail, it is positioned at 40 km distance from the southeast portion of Amherst.


Huge varieties of fun and entertainment opportunities galore in the nearby areas of the beach. The sandy beach is just perfect for biking and strolling and enjoy the terrific vistas all round. Furthermore, there are boardwalks, washrooms and parking lot on the beach, which ensures the complete convenience. The area is clean and well maintained by the Department of natural Resources.


Enjoying the offering of the Heather Beach is fun and safe. The conditions are usually calm with the temperature of the water is above 22 degree C. Mostly the sandbars remain exposed during the low tide which ensures the safety even further. The slope is steady and doesn’t get into deep all of a sudden. On top of that, there are lifeguards always patrolling on the beach to ensure the safety measures of the tourists. They supervise the area where the visitors can swim. Having fun in the Heather Beach thus provides peace of mind.


This immensely attractive beach was under the supervision of the 1973’s Nova Scotia Beach Supervision Program. Heather Beach was among the fifteen original beaches first administered under the program.


You can find several beach cottages along the lovely Sunrise Trail, which provides easy access to the Heather Beach. The accommodations provide easy access to excellent amenities and services such as outdoor barbecue, well furnished kitchens, fire pit, excellent baths, and a lot more.

Check out cottages for rent near the Heather Beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Nova Scotia cottage rentals.

The best Newfoundland beaches - Pasadena Beach

Pasadena Beach, Newfoundland

Located in the western part of Newfoundland, Pasadena is encompassed by the mystique beauty of Humber valley. To consider the area in totality, Pasadena has to be seen as whole with Midland and South brook communities. One can have the taste of rural life with modern amenities in Pasadena with abundance of beach activities and greenery. The beauty of the town earned it Tidy towns Award for 1997, so it is easy to assume how beautifully this lovely town is maintained. Factually, Pasadena is a wonderful destination to enjoy the sun and the sea, as also a sprawling place of business with a lot of shipping and flight activities.

A place with lovely beach and lot of fresh water resources.

It is a place gifted with charms of both sea and fresh water. Pasadena beach is an immensely popular destination for summer vacation and offers a lot of frolicking activities in the fresh water lake as well as exploring the waterways down the Hunter River. Pasadena Beach provides ample of water based recreations such as boating, swimming, kayaking, etc. The views around the beach are simply amazing and one feels the ecstasy almost instantly. The cultural activities in Pasadena is rich with ample of sightseeing and entertainment.

The shores of Deer Lake

The sandy shores of Deer Lake attract every traveler to enjoy each day of stay in the town with family. It offers summer long enjoyment, whether one wants to spend bathing under the sun or swimming in the fresh water. The attraction gets extended with a well groomed Ski and Nature Park spread over 19 kms with breathtaking views.

The fabulous food

When you are down to the Pasadena Beach, you must stop by the infamous eatery in the area called The Oasis Grill House. Though the restaurant was not very big in size in its earlier days, it was after 2008, the expansion work took place, and now it can accommodate numerous customers and entertain them. Now, the restaurant is inclusive of more decking space, more entertainment options, more interior seating arrangements, an expanded kitchen and five addition bathroom units.

How to reach

Towards the Deer Lake from Corner Brook, take the Trans Canada Highway East. You will come at Exit 12 from where you have to take right turn to enter the Pasadena town. On the Main Street, travel towards the east until you reach the 1st Avenue from where you have to take a left turn. Go on straight at the 4 way stop by following the 1st avenue. On arriving at the Ryans Road, right turn and cross the bridge. You will reach the beach entrance.

Accommodation features

To match up with the increasing popularity of the beach, attractive accommodation facilities are also developed in the nearby areas. There is a wide range of attractive cottages and other sorts of comfortable accommodations in the Pasadena Beach area.

Check out cottages for rent near the Pasadena Beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Newfoundland cottage rentals.

The best Newfoundland beaches - New Perlican Beach

New Perlican Beach, Newfoundland

The New Perlican area of Newfoundland consists of two beaches; The New Perlican Harbor in the eastern side and the Vitter’s Cove situated in the western side. Vitter’s is a beach that can be enjoyed around the year and offers extensive walking up to the Bloody Point. It is also a good location for hiking with different elevations. The whole area has lovely walking trails. Grates Cove area provides a number of trails and picnic spots with a rocky area called ‘Gulch Rocks’, a wonderful spot for observing sea fish and other sea life. Amidst a rocky landscape, the headland offers the view of Wiggys Beach Trail leading to North Atlantic Ocean. The New Perlican area is full of natural beach trails, rocky hiking areas and the ocean from several angles.

Fascinating geography

New Perlican area has a fascinating geography of costal indentations. The distinct ones of tourists’ attractions are Vitters Cove, The Hole of Garlep, Salmon Cove, Rump Cove, Jones Cove, Bacon Cove, Turks Cove, Heron Cove and Lazy Cove. Adjoining beaches of the area are Smut Beach and Garlep Beach. There is cape called Sugar loaf, making a prominent change in the coastal direction. Of course, New Perlican Harbor happens to be an area suitable for shipping activities.

Trails in New Perlican Area

Apart from the beaches and coves, one can hardly separate plentiful of natural hiking trails existing in New Perlican. Take the example of hiking to Butter Pot Hill of approximately 6.6 km length for fantastic views from the summit of the hill. The trail starts at Butterpot Provincial Park. Another trail called Cupids Walking Trail leads to the deserted community in Burnt heads providing spectacular views of whale watching, Bell Island, Conception Bay and beaches around. The Crout's Way Trail offers is an adventurous trail and demands overnight camping to explore the area. Other prominent trails in the area are Trail of the Eagles, Victoria Walking Trails, Rattles Road Trail with a marshy stretch, Murphy’s Road and the path to Blue Hill Dam.

Places worth visiting

While one enjoys the abundance of natural beauty of the blue expanse of ocean and beaches all around in the backdrop of hills and challenging trails, the richness of national historic sites cannot be ignored. Some of this is Hawthrone Cottage, Port au Choix, L'Anse aux Meadows, Avondale Railway Station and Ryan Premises; there are more of such sites.

The King’s Cove lighthouse has its historical relevance being the first lighthouse in Newfoundland fitted with revolving kerosene light imported from Sweden. It is located in Crown Hill and has now become a site of an annual event called the King’s Cove Lighthouse Festival under the aegis of King’s Cove Historical Society. It is a three day celebration starting with walk to the historical Lighthouse tower.
The area carries a rich art and cultural heritage, which is kept alive through a number of galleries and theatre halls.

The Fluvarium offers viewing the underwater life of Nagle’s Hill Brook educating the people relevance of freshwater in the ecosystem. The Geo Centre is totally dedicated to the concern for the planet, the people and its future. They hold many regular programs and lecture series for the public.

Check out cottages for rent near the New Perlican Beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Newfoundland cottage rentals.

The best Newfoundland beaches - Elliston Beach

Elliston Beach, Newfoundland

Elliston is a historic town renowned for birds and most beautiful sandy beaches. In fact, it was a place for the fishermen’s community in Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland. The island of Sandy Cove beach welcomes the visitors to surf the waters, enjoy the sun, have good tanning and stay in the camps, if one wants to feel the beauty with overnight stays. There is nothing to think twice for overnight rendezvous of camping in Sandy Cove Beach, every facility is provided in the campground. Elliston is also called the Root Cellar Capital of the world with 135 root cellars that existed in the place. The place hosts clusters of communities, namely Bonavista, Trinity and Port Union.

Lovely places to see:

The 733 hectares park, Lockston Path Provincial Park, in Port Rexton, was opened in 1966 for camping and has undergone upgrading with modern facilities like picnic tables, fireplace, parking, wash room and hot showers, toilet including laundry conveniences.

Sandy Cove Beach, Elliston is the most beautiful sand beach rolling in pleasant sunlight- a heaven for both sunbathers and fun lovers. The area has a playground, and fully facilitated picnic and camping grounds for overnight stays.
Look Out Park / Look Out Hill, Trinity Bay North offers tremendous sighting of glaciers and slopping down rocks to be sunken in crystal clear water.
Root cellars have been the popular method of storing food in areas of Elliston and Maberly. One will find a large number of old root cellar structures in the area, which were used to keep the food is cold in summer months and prevent the food from freezing in winters.

Dungeon Provincial Park, Cape Bonavista is about a mile away from Trinity Bay side of the peninsula and known for its remarkable type of rock formation, called Dungeon. There are two dungeons in Elliston – Mini Dungeon and Felsenmeer Dungeon.

Mini Dungeon is located close to the Sandy Cove with its peculiar land formation, but much smaller in caparison to the other one.

Felsenmeer Dungeons feature a rare assemblage of rocks that is believed to have happened during the glacial period. There are two Felsenmeer in Newfoundland. Peculiarly, Newfoundland Felsenmeer is accessible on foot due to low elevations through Elliston Ridge trails and Mark's Path.

Flowers Cove valley is located close to Maberly. The cove has fresh water brook is a regular sit of festivals and events due to its wonderful scenic charm. This cove is also a part of Little Catalina Trail.

Bird Island Puffin Festival:

Bird Island Puffin Festival a large one held in July with traditional ‘boil up’. It draws a very large gathering and hosts cultural events. The festival holds activities in the categories of lucky draws and contests of skill. The food and entertainment compose of Root Cellar Jiggs Dinner, Pot Luck Meals, Moose Burgers, Pot Luck Meals, Beer Tent, Gospel Sunday and 60 Hours of Live Entertainment. Similarly, there is a plenty of contests of skill like Peninsula Idol, a contest; Norman Pearce Memorial Horseshoe, a challenge and Price is Right, a kids' showcase for 5 to be 12 years old.

Check out cottages for rent near the Elliston Beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Newfoundland cottage rentals.

The best Newfoundland beaches - Cape Ray Beach

Cape Ray Beach, Newfoundland

The nature has packed distinct beauty in each place; it needs to be explored with intent of digging out the intrinsic charms. This excellent beach destination is a long stretch dotted with sandy beaches offering a bundle of natural attraction to discover. The tourists will enjoy in the temperate maritime climate of Newfoundland with mercury sticking around 0° C and mild atmosphere in winters. The summer temperature is around 16° C and July is considered as a good time for swimming.
Cape Ray is located on the southwest coast of Canadian provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador. As a domain of British colony in the past, the place can be traced with a heritage of Knights, otherwise the place used to be dominated with fishermen community.

Ample of activities

It is an unmatched place for camping and hiking in gem of naturally adored environment of J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park. Amidst the expanse of Fir, Juniper and Pine forest and blossom of Laurel, Astor and Clintonia, the tourists can walk through the swarm of beautiful Atlantis Fritillary butterflies; surely there will be rabbits and minks to greet you besides White Admirals and moose. In the waters of Atlantic at Cape Ray, dog winkles, sea urchin, blue mussels and surf clam are seen in grand numbers along with other sea creatures. You will excitedly watch the surf clam shells on beaches, some fully grown to about 20cm, in a large number with other very common biogenic forms.

Swimming is adequately supported at J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park with all types of water safety equipments and gadgets in addition to change houses. Cape Ray Beaches are crowded with swimmers and sun tanners in summers.
Other popular activities at the beach include trout angling, bird watching and of course a playground for all to workup the muscles.

A memorable campsite:

Amidst the rolling grounds covered with Pine, Fir and Juniper, this is a spectacular place for camping with all the existing facilities. Cheeseman Provincial Park is dotted with over 100 camping sites with well laid facilities of fireplace, picnic tables, water supply, toilets and parking space. The campers will have no problem to get the clothes laundered. The park authorities have ensured a comfort station to be actively at the service of campers.

Hikers have a nice natural trail:

The windblown surf at the exit of the 2 kilometer long trail has caused it to be called as Smoky Cape Walking. The trail has nine fitness centers inviting the hikers to see how fit they are to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Provincial Park. The other trail is called Table Mountain trail that allows the view of Table Mountain where 14 men lived when it was a United States Air Force base. It is a splendid walking through the park with spectacular sight of the mountain and two waterfalls en-route.

Engagements away from the beaches:

Rose Blanche attracts everybody for its nice lighthouse. Lightkeeper's House Museum is located next to the lighthouse exhibiting the Eskimo culture. There is sufficient nighttime activity and one is going to certainly enjoy the Newfoundland music.

Check out cottages for rent near the Cape Ray Beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Newfoundland cottage rentals.

Apr 30, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Presqu'ile Provincial Park Beach

Presqu'ile Provincial Park Beach

The silver sands of Presquile offers remarkable site of still camping. This is a unique location in sandy peninsula on the way to Lake Ontario with easy access due to its geographical location between Kingston and Toronto. The famous Presqu'ile Park's is known for its focused efforts of the park authorities for renewed understanding of the nature. It is just about a couple of hour drive from Toronto. The park is home to thousands of birds. The beach around is obsessive in the summer months providing admirable grounds for camping. Most of the tourists repeat the visit to Presquile Beach with unforgettable camping experience due to lavishness of natural attraction.

The adventure never ceases to be on your side. Even when strong winds do not let the sea to be as friendly for kayaking, you have the option for canoeing in the lake; the huge body of Lake Ontario is good for continuing with water sports. Presquile Park has six trails for beach hiking; Pioneer Trail is the longest trail of 3.8 Km length in all with thrilling loops. Hiking on a wheelchair across Marsh Boardwalk is an experience for watching wildlife.

Presquile Beach has a long shoreline, inviting you to explore all its fabulous natural treasure along the lengths. You can explore the lengths of shoreline on a bicycle, well managed bicycle trails have been developed connecting the Presquile Park roads with the silver beaches. For visiting Macauley Mountain, you can take up the journey as a mountain biker in summer months.

The nature bursts out opening it secret beauty in Presquile Beach. Winter months do not leave you stranded up in the kingdom of ice, but again the place has plenty to offer you to keep enjoying touring Presquile Beach. Enjoy well-maintained ski trials with the snowshoes exploring the friendly countryside on cross country routes. It is a 16 km long cross country trail maintained by the park for the tourists to spend happy times. Specific trails are maintained for Macauley Mountain cross country hiking. The way to mountain trail starts near Picton in prince Edward County.

Presquile Park is a supportive habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. The low wet areas behind natural sand dunes are called panes. You may be aware that panes are habitat a number of particular rare species of plants, some of these plants bear very attractively colored flowers during summer bloom. For lovable shades of pink, Gerardias and Obedient are famous; Ladies' Tresses Orchids and Grass-of-Parnassus are known for the whites. Millions of Monarch butterflies come over to the park from Mexico. The admixture of sand and conifer forests, make this peninsular region a nesting ground of over thousand species of birds. Watching the Bird in the park is spectacular in spring. Presqu'ile Park gets hundreds of migratory birds everyday from areas all around. A t this place, you can see many birds waiting for the ice to melt to continue their journey further to the north. You will find a number of water birds like Herring gulls, Ring-billed gulls, great Blue Herons, Common Terns, Caspian Terns and more. You are bound to say a camping to be unique experience.

Check out cottages for rent near Presqu'ile Provincial Park on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Ontario cottage rentals.

The best Ontario beaches - Port Colborne beach

Port Colborne beach

Very common is the phrase ‘a place where the sea and sky meet’, but it is not common to hear of a place where water meets the air, rail and the road. Port Colborne beach is one such place, may be exclusively. It is a distinguished tourist destination today with white sand beach on the shore of Lake Erie. Although Colborne is a place of industries and port, with its geographical distinction it happens to be a perfect place of tourism. The name, Nickel Beach particularly announces its silver white sand. St. Lawrence Seaway’s Welland Canal is the most prominent waterway running through Port Colborne. Along the canal, there is a lovely walking and biking trail. This canal was built to support the marine and fishing industry.

Besides beautiful Nickel Beach of white sands, Port Colborne is known for a lovely docking facility for yachts and other luxury cruisers. The city has plush shopping districts, places for entertainment and art galleries. It is equally great for abundance of restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. Its golfing grounds are lovely. The summer season festival of Canal Days is a prominent annual event of the whole region and draws a large number of domestic and American tourists. During this festival, entire city turns into a fun and merry making spot of entertainment, sports, traditional cultural performances, antique car show, fireworks, live music and plenty of food delicacies. Though you will have plenty of festive indulgence throughout the city, much of it centers around West Street along the canal.

Other places of tourist attraction are Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum, Showboat Festival Theatre and the heritage property, Kinnear House. The Historical and Marine Museum is a rich archive of local history with a substantial collection of artifacts. The jurist Helen Alice Kinnear was the first female judge in Canada and the Kinnear House property is associated with preserving her memory.

The white sand Nickel beach on the shore of Lake Erie is situated in the east of Welland Canal. The beach provides a lovely natural setting of sand dunes and a big expanse of forest. This place offers every facility for the tourists to have resting shelters or have refreshing drinks and fresh food from the stalls. The tourists get every facility for windsurfing. If you wish, you can go for swimming.

The charm of olden days is particularly enjoyable along with the modern facilities in this one-time renowned port city. Recognizing the great prospect of tourism provided by Port Colborne, the authorities have drawn up plans as a part of Niagara encompassing tourism development strategy. The place has plenty of smaller sandy beaches like Cedar Bay and Sherkston Shores. You will find plenty of hotels, inns, restaurants and more like bed and breakfast type accommodation all over the place including the smaller beaches. Whichever beach you choose to go, the long expanse of white sand is waiting to welcome. The Long Beach Conservation Area on Lake Erie is another is the upcoming place for picnics, fishing, beach games and sunbathing.

Check out cottages for rent near the Port Colborne beach on the map below, or visit Rent Cottage Canada for more Ontario cottage rentals.

Apr 22, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Cobourg Beach

Cobourg Beach

Cobourg beach is the most enchanting beach for sun and fun on the soft white sand, enjoyed by the children and grownups alike. If you have not seen the blue water and the contrasting expanse of white sands of Cobourg, you have not seen a pretty beach. Cobourg is the sought after destination of the beach lovers. This get away place is adjacent to Victoria Park for shelter under the shades if you have had enough sunbathing. The snack bars in the garden have sufficient verities to go with liking of your palate. The beach is perfectly safe for kids to play with soft sand in a clean environment. More charming are the lawn chairs for those who have difficulty sitting on the ground.

Victoria Park has much more for entertaining the tourists. In evenings, you can enjoy the old-styled band played in the park. Movie and live performances are also a regular feature. On occasions, you will have the charm of the music from Cobourg Royal Marine Concert Band. It is a close knit place and you will find everything within a close distance, whether looking for shopping pleasure or cozy restaurants for dining or want to go for nightlife. Everything is with a perfect semblance for the tourists to spend every hour with something exciting without having to cover miles. Incidentally, the location of Cobourg is right across the lake in Rochester, USA. As such, this place has been an established destination for vacation for the residents of Rochester for years. You will come to know of it the moment you are at the beautiful marina of Cobourg.

One of the major festivities of Cobourg is the Cobourg Waterfront Festival; a gala of fun and entertainment held for 4 days in July every year. This festival offers one of the major expositions of cultural heritage, arts, live performances and other human talents. During a waterfront festival, you must not miss the beautiful band and firework in the evenings in Victoria Park. You will have the opportunity of buying a plenty of lovely handicrafts cheap. The Winter Festival in Cobourg is equally popular for fun and frolic including exciting carnival games of Lumberjacks and Polar Bear Dip.

You will have a majestic feeling walking on Cobourg beach for the majestic blue water waves rolling down and breaking by your side. Lake Ontario’s pristine water is so clear that you can see the bottom to a considerable depth along the shore. Quite enjoyably, the shallow water runs to a distance of about 50 meters.
The most important piece of historical richness of Cobourg beach is over 150 year old Victoria Hall standing today with its imposing richness of architectural attraction and fabulous interiors. You will first encounter the impressive entrance with 4 Corinthian columns forming the speaker’s balcony. The exterior is stunningly beautified with carvings featuring symbols, intricately designed shells, dolphins and bearded faces. The Grand Concert Hall is the splendid room of Victoria Hall. Originally it had a nice wooden floor supported with pine wood beams. But, now the concrete floor is overlaid with a nicely finished hardwood. The interior and ceiling of the hall are magnificently designed.

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Apr 21, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Thunder Beach

The setting is the township named Tiny in Simcoe County, Ontario, a region that is strewn with a number of pretty beaches. Thunder beach is one of around 50 lovely and calm sandy expanses along Southern Georgian Bay region of Ontario. This beach can be also described as the Canadian side of well-known Fort Erie for its rivers, large lakes and innate and unadulterated beauty. It is a destination now preferred by many for spending some days in summer to be with sand, sea and everything centered to the waters, and living as a cottage dweller.

Again it is worth noticing that all beaches are not same. With their individual naturally gifted qualities, every beach has its own distinctive feature to offer. The Thunder Bay Beach is popular for jet skiing. It is conveniently located at the terminating points of Thunder Bay and Bernard Roads. Whatever may be the location, for a large number of people Thunder Beach comes to be the coziest escape from monotonous and stressful life. It is a type of vacation that may even give you a mixed feeling of extreme relaxation as well as an extremely gloomy reaction.

The charm of coming to Thunder Beach comes from one confidence and that is very comfortable stays. The abundance of nice bed and breakfast type of accommodation is very suitable to a budget vacation. On the other hand, the cottages are lovely if you are prepared to go for the convenience. The gloomy feeling comes from the remembrance of inhuman atrocities of humankind generations ago. This was one of the prime points used by the slaves to run away from their treacherous masters to get lost in the unknown than being the subjects of every sort of cruel act. Of course, today there is every effort to erase the scars of the past with an annual celebration of grand Friendship Festival. It is a week long celebration of traditional shows and other events.

Here you will find the atmosphere a bit different than that of ways and dealings in typical places of business. Everyone means to offer a personal indulgence to make your stay a delightful one; the tourists who have already visited Thunder Beach know of getting something more of what they spend. With each passing day, the place is becoming a more refined and popular place of tourism. Now at Thunder Beach, you can expect to spend vacation with increasing number of water sport facilities. It is going as if the beaches of Ontario have taken the challenge to top in the region for attracting the tourists.

Besides jet skiing, Thunder Beach is a good place for Water surfing, sailing and kayaking for its natural characters. The discrete feature of this place is keeping with the nature in as an unadulterated way as possible. There is a sharp contract of Thunder Beach area with Buffalo in the United States of America; these places are located just across the river. Buffalo, with similar richness of natural setting and scope of tourism, has crumpled down under the huge urban developmental processes and lost to withhold its charm for the tourists.

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Apr 20, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Port Stanley beach

The finest sandy stretch of Port Stanley beach is located on the northern side of Lake Erie, dotted with large number of leisure vessels; the most inviting attraction to a large number of tourists every year. It is a place for boat rides of every sort as well as water recreational facilities in the summer months. It is a place of nice accommodations. You can go for a budget style bed and breakfast accommodations or even lovely cottages; everything is within easy reach from the beach. So, you do not have to waste time reaching the beach wherever you stay. There will not be any sacrifice of time for joining the charter boat or playing the beach volleyball, both are popular engagements in Port Stanley.

The place has plenty of food joints for culinary satisfaction for every type of dishes. So it is an equal situation for you, whether you are a foodie or want to spend happy time on the beach for water recreations, picturesque Port Stanley remains common. Your other half will certainly love evening hopping around the shops and restaurants, before taking a soothing walk on the beach before calling it a day or find a place for some engaging nightlife. The weekends are generally crowded in Port Stanley and you feel getting indulged in celebration to shed off the tiredness of slogging in the whole week. Surf the sea or relax on the clean beach or enjoy the tangy food and have leisurely stroll to see the must see spots, all suits well with your decision.

One thing is certain, the place is quite friendly and the people around are nice with welcoming smile in all the places. You can take a train ride or move down the historical bridges or have an energetic early morning beach walks, there is a pleasure in anything you like. This is a historical place with a large water transport system that was developed in the past for carrying coal and wood, though it is no longer in operation due to advancements in transportation. There is a pleasure ride train service between Port Stanley and St. Thomas.

For every enthusiast, Port Stanley has plenty of shopping, hopping from gallery to gallery and dining to offer. The tourists can otherwise have a busy time with sea shore activities, golfing and hiking in the well-laid trails. The place is flocked by many day trippers for a short relaxation without many hassles about reservations, since there are plenty of things to do or simply taking a stroll along the nice beach. As a day tripper, you will no doubt have an invigorating experience of venturing into the uncharted territories with lovely rustic settings through tall conifer forests for fresh breeze. This will be a lovely and memorable since you will have the freedom to take a route as it appeals to you, the guidance for navigation will be provided by the pleasure providers. You would want to get lost in the unknown and still be sure of getting back to spend a nice evening in the city.

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Apr 19, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Huron County Beaches

Huron County offer unparallel grounds for camping, which is an added advantage of the place besides usual waterfront activities. You can take it as the common feature of Huron County beaches including Saginaw Bay. These camping grounds, plenty in numbers, have been developed focusing upon the dual attractions of waterfront experience as well as the thrill of camping. To add up a more closeness to the nature, one can choose to walk miles in the offensive silence of wood in the Wagener County Park. In contrast, at the Lighthouse County Park, you can witness the strident sound of crashing waves at lighthouse shoreline.

The place does not go short of offering variety for the tourists. You can surely balloon ride over the county, walk down the forest trails or explore the enchantment of wasters at Port Crescent State Park. It is all going to be a time packed up with fun and frolic. As additional inviting activities in this waterfront location, you can also go for exploring the trails on a bike or go for kayaking.

Huron County appears to have a special concern for the artifacts; most of the museums have rich collection of 19th century artifacts. For example, Bad Axe Museum is known for the local history or check the Allen House Museum for collections from Dutch colonial era. The Elkton Log Cabin Museum offers enough charm of the historic log cabins. There are two Harbor Beach Museums - the Grice House Museum is the place of antique machinery used in the light house and the old prism light; and the Frank Murphy Museum with preserved Victorian style Home Law Office Quarters of the famous statesman from Michigan. Other museums are Port Hope Museums, Huron City Museum, Stafford Park Historical Chimney, St. Mary's Historical Museum, Pigeon Historical Museum and more.
There are a number of natural trails for the pleasure of skiing and hiking through unforgettable picturesque scenario. Some of the prominent trails are Port Austin Nature Trails having two natural trails; these are Port Crescent State Park and Huron County Nature Center. The Harbor Beach Nature Trails is located in Wagener County Park. Caseville Nature Trails composes of two trails- the Sleeper State Park and Sand Point Nature Preserve. The Sleeper State Park offers you both hiking and skiing. At the Sand Point, you can go for around the year hiking.

Huron County Beaches will let you witness the old world charm of lighthouses. Port Austin Reef Light was abandoned in 1953. But, the building was taken up for refurbishing as a museum in 1990. Harbor Beach Breakwater Light is the lighthouse, which is still in actual use. Charity Island Light is located on the big Charity Island and can be accessed by boat, water ski or fishing boats. The island is known for some rare flora and fauna. There is well settled picnic facility and pavilion.

The balloon flights are scheduled at the Sunrise and a couple of hours before the Sunset; in simple words, dawn and the late afternoons. You can imagine the charm of floating over the spectacular scenario of Huron County.

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Mar 9, 2010

Beware of SCAM. Property owner policies.

Once in a while every vacation rental property owner receives SCAM inquiries, which become more and more sophisticated and more difficult to recognize.

Here are some payment policies and suggestions sent to us by Allan Feldman and published here with his permissions:

I have found that simply by making our payment policies clear, scammers lose interest very quickly.

1. Accept cheques drawn on Canadian financial institutions only, and then only 30 days or more in advance of arrival.

2. Accept only international money orders immediately verifiable by a financial institution or post office.

3. Make clear that any overpayment is refundable upon arrival only.

4. Do not arrange the purchase or delivery of any products or services outside of your normal business activities. (When they mention laptops, etc., I refer them to the website of a major retailer.)

5. When accepting overseas credit cards, require a scan of the card, including signature, as well as a signed letter of authoriazation.

6. Do not refund international credit card transactions until your merchant service provider's chargeback period has expired.

7. Pay attention to the questions they ask. Anybody ready to reserve for several weeks without having asked the usual questions about the accommodations is suspect.

8. Whenever possible, refer international reservations to your tourism association's or province's reservation service. It's worth paying the commission to ensure that the reservation is legit - scammers will not use
these services.

9. Do not make exceptions to your non-refundable deposit policies for international reservations.

10. Verify the email source for international customers. Google "email header trace free" for one of the many websites that do this. If the trace location does not match the stated location, it is likely a scam.

Common sense is the best weapon against scammers.

Feb 9, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Red Bay Beach

Red Bay Beach

The world has an unlimited treasure to offer, covering even a small fraction of this is a matter of fortune for a tourist. Ontario is one such destination on the earth with stunning grandeur of fine lakes. It is a perfect destination for several tourist activities, most involving water and the snow. Red Beach is a part of Bruce Peninsula with many hidden secrets of the nature. The surrounding is so beautiful that you won’t be mistaken for getting dissolved in the nature.

A Protected Biosphere
A Georgian Bay beach, the Red Bay Beach forms the shorelines on warm Lake Huron in the eastern side of Bruce Peninsula. The area falls within The Niagara Escarpment, which has been declared as a World Biosphere Protected Area by UNESCO. The scenario is just like a delicately brushed canvas exposing water, snow and sky, a very inviting atmosphere. The tranquilizing air of Red Bay sandy beaches are wrapped up by beauty not tampered by man. Your vacation will be most comfortable and enjoyable in the imposingly splendid environment – the clear waters, clean and less crowded beach, and lovely forests, striking view of the sunset and brilliant night sky.

Communication to the place is easy since it is located less than 2 and 1/2 hours away from Toronto. It offers a perfect ambiance for the whole family, children and adults alike. No qualm and no resentment, but getting immersed in every drop of beauty. You will find inhabitants are friendlier than usually people are under the stress of daily life. Lake Huron is famous for the fantastic view of the sunset. It has a unique atmosphere that is rarely found in other places. It is a paradise for naturalists and photographers.

Eventful Days
There is so much natural about everything that you do not find a problem in deciding your activities.  Red Bay area has many things for you to be engaged in. Georgian Bay’s Red Bay Beach in Lake Huron area of Ontario offers cozy beach walking on its salt free sands; go windsurfing or go for trail walking; enjoy snowmobile or ski. Feel the true self of you; your inborn capabilities have the chance of manifestation under catalytic environment of Red Bay area.  

More of fun with water is sailing in small boats, waterskiing and canoeing. In the warm waters of Red Bay, other activities open to you are sun bathing, scuba diving and fishing.  It is packed with all morning till evening actions to please you in soft sand beaches or rocky sections of beaches in the area. You can do more of fishing both in summer and spring seasons. There is always a plenty of Rainbow and Salmon catch in season.

Additionally, you have options for dog sledging, horse and pony riding or enjoy beautiful lakes – Berford and Bass, much enjoyed by the kids.  
Underwater Scuba Rendezvous
Warm shallow waters of Wiarton area is a shallow 20’ deep grassed area, good for night diving. It showcases 3 wrecks. Centennial Park is 20’ deep with rocky undersurface. 
Ancient Natural Formation
Famous Bruce's Caves Conservation Area an exceptional formation continuing to exist for nearly 8000 years.  It is a significant process of weathering and glacial activities. It has a massive central pillar with supporting arches on two sides.

Feb 8, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Fort Erie Beaches

Fort Erie Beaches

One can hardly forget sweet memories of the beaches on Canadian side of Fort Erie. Ontario peculiarly shares 2700 kms long common borders with 5 North American States. Fort Erie assumes the prominence due to a number of fine beaches. The area is located above Niagara Escarpment. It is a place of rivers, vast lakes and Carolinian forest to rightly claim its natural attraction and beach other activities.

Beaches of Fort Erie
Practically, this area is dotted with a large number of small beaches; the notable ones are Crystal or Bay Beach, Waverly Beach, Thunder Bay Beach and Crescent Beach. A few more among many more are Bernard Avenue Beach, Bowen Road Beach, Burleigh Avenue Beach, Bertie Bay beach, Buffalo Road, Beach, Windmill Point Beach and Windmill Point Park Quarry Beach. The Crystal Beach situated on the northern shore of Lake Erie, is considered outstanding for its crystal clear water and fine quality of the beach. The Thunder Bay Beach, located at the south end of Bernard and Thunder Bay Roads, is a popular spot for jet skiing. Crescent Beach is located at the south end of Crescent and Edgemere Roads. Waverly Beach is located at the south end of Helena Street and Edgemere Road. This gives a sketchy idea of the teaming number of beaches existing in the area.

All the beaches are visited by tourists due to good anchoring places for kayaking and sailing. For the people interested in Water surfing, this area offers good scope of enjoyment. For the natural reasons, the whole area has turned out to be a fine palace of tourism. Facilities and attractions have grown side by side in their prominence. The growing popularity of Fort Erie, Ontario has is continuously increasing due to changed preference of tourists and leisure seekers. Buffalo, in United States just across the river, once shared same natural attraction. In the present time, it has literally lost the attraction to the urban developmental activities.

Explore things Fort Erie has to offer
The area is developing fast in Canadian side of Niagara Escarpment due to the popular beaches. More justification for the popularity is the distribution of the crowd to several attractive and clean beaches in the area with equal facilities for engaging activities.

As a reminder of the past, one can feel thrilled to know the horrifying days when this area served as a prime route used by the slaves to flee from the clutches of their masters. Friendship Festival is based on the beautiful concept of promotion of friendship between the two countries - Canada and United States of America. It is a weeklong celebration of age old customary Lumberjack shows. This is an Exhilarating show of competition of racing up the poles at an exceedingly fast speed. Besides this, the festival is full of significant display of cultural events that have been in existence for years. July 1st is marked as the day of festival and national holiday is observed on the day in both the countries. The annual event, ‘siege of Fort Erie’ re-enacts battle of 1814. It was a fierce bloodshed in the area.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Feb 7, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Barrie beaches

Barrie Beaches

The focal point of Barrie Beaches is the city of Barrie, located near throbbing megalopolis of Toronto. Barrie is a member of Georgian Bay area known for white sand and granite rock. The city stands out for its generous activities in the cultural and recreational domain in Toronto region.  It has much to feel proud about its location on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, which is well-known for the gleaming Lake Simcoe. The beaches in Barrie are Johnson's Beach and Centennial Beach, also Minets Point Beach, Tyndale Beach and The Gables in the second tier.  

The climate
Usually Barrie has warm and humid summers and icy winter months with a considerable amount of snowfall, as such called the Snowbelt.  Mercury touches 78º F in July-August, the warmest summer months. August and September bring the rainfall. Late spring and summer months have the occasional thunderstorms. Winter begins from the month of November when the temperature starts sliding down from 20 ºF. January and February are the coldest months with temperature averaging at 7 ºF.

Magnificence of gleaming Lake Simcoe
Excluding waterfront beaching activities in Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe has much significance to add to the setting.  Lake Simcoe is also called Ice Fishing Capital of Ontario, being one of the biggest fresh water lakes that get frozen in winters. Most of the winter activities are centered around this lake. It offers an obsessive location for enjoyment of the whole family; for lovers Lake Simcoe echoes the inner feeling.

You need to explore a serene beauty of the lake in the fall with the ground laden with fabulous color of maple leaves. The magnetic festivals, events and fairs begin with this season. A drive along the lake will take you through this area’s natural galore of attraction.

In summers, the lake glows with bustling and joyous water sports activities of all sorts. You will like to span across on your personal watercraft as many do. It is also very popular spot for paddle-wheel boating and rowing excursions.  The tourists love to get indulged in fishing since the lake has abundance of whitefish, trout, yellow perch and smallmouth bass. Lake Simcoe is demarcated within Zone 16 by the Ministry of Natural Resources for Fisheries Management Plan.

The Beaches in limelight
Both Johnson's Beach and Centennial Beach get prominence under the shade of Barrie. The beaches complement unrestrained economic spurt of the city by supporting all sea front activities like carnivals and shows being grand areas for fun and frolic of the community. The Lakeshore Drive along the bay is an amazing stretch for walking, cycling and ice climbing.

Centennial Beach is the largest beach on the coast of Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie. The expanse offers unrestricted breathing ground for the children.  Johnson's Beach is a good location for comfortable relaxation for the families since manned by lifeguard facility. It is situated on the north shoreline of Kempenfelt Bay. 

Other activities in the Snowbelt
Snowbelt, as the Barrie area is nicknamed, offers indulgences like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snow tubing, downhill skiing and even cross country skiing. Snowbelt’s fun filled activities extend to surrounding Blue Mountain, Snow Valley, Horseshoe Valley and St. Louis Moonstone.

The city has a good number of nice shopping and dining spots as well as places for entertainment.  

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder

Feb 6, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Grand Bend beach

Grand Bend beach

Those who are looking out to spend vacations in Canada, finding a cottage rental or other available accommodations in the Grand Bend area can be a real treat. In the Southern Ontario, this beach community is located on the beautiful shores of the Lake Huron. Tourists and visitors of the area access the fantastic beaches, which are among the biggest attractions. Grand Bend is popular for its gorgeous beaches and immaculate night life. The lively ambience all around the area, welcome visitors from different parts of the world.

The best time to enjoy the fun filled activities on the Grand Bend beaches is the summer period. This is the time when the population of the area crosses more than 50,000, in comparison to just 2,000 mark that the area experience in the remaining time of the year. The area has gained a reputation of being Florida North for its excellent summer party atmosphere.

If you are one of the enthusiastic visitors who want to enjoy the best offerings of Grand Bend area, then you must check out the exotic beaches. The other parts of Canada may not be very famous for its beaches because of its weather and the rocky nature. However, Grand Bend is an exception. Here, beaches are the biggest highlights of the area. You can access open beach that covers hundreds of miles and enjoy the superior serenity and vistas of nature. Such a wide beach access is available as the area is a part of the west coast of Ontario.

Many visitors get surprised to view the beauty of the beaches that looks similar to the ones, far south. The combination of azure waters and white sand make a mesmerizing impact upon the senses of the visitors. There is never a boring moment on the beaches of Grand Bend, especially on the weekends and the vacations. The swimmers and sunbathers flock into the beaches in a huge number while other visitors enjoy a wide range of water sports and exciting recreation activities. Beach enhancement project is going on in the area and once the project gets over; there will be more entertainment facilities for the visitors. It will add more natural attraction to the beaches, more cleanliness, and more space for the families.

Apart from the exciting beaches, there are other highlights of the area as well. If you have an interest the motor sports, then you cannot afford to miss the Motorplex of Grand Bend. Here, you can see two motorcross tracks and a popular dragstrip. This is the venue of the most popular, oldest and biggest National Drag race in Canada.

Another popular attraction of the area is the Wexford Shipwreck. When the Big Blow storm of 1913 took place in the Great Lakes, this steel hulled freighter was caught. After 87 years of the storm, the wreck was found in 2000, and it is now a big attraction of Grand Bend.

All these highlights, combined with the best of beach fun, makes Grand Bend a perfect holiday retreat. Look out for the cottage rental accommodation in Grand Bend and have a memorable vacation.

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Canadian Cottages, Cabins and Resorts Vacation Rentals site with a Google Maps powered Cottage Finder