May 10, 2010

The best Nova Scotia beaches - Heather beach

Heather beach

There is no dearth of treasures in this world and exploring a small part of such treasures make a memorable journey for the tourists. One such fine destination is Nova Scotia, which a popular province of Canada with rich tourism activities. One of the attractive highlights of the province is Heather Beach that offers numerous secrets of the nature. You will simply love the atmosphere and the wide range of entertaining activities in the Heather Beach area, which is located in Cumberland County of Nova Scotia. The beach is situated around 12 kms north of Pugwash; if you take the Sunrise Trail, it is positioned at 40 km distance from the southeast portion of Amherst.


Huge varieties of fun and entertainment opportunities galore in the nearby areas of the beach. The sandy beach is just perfect for biking and strolling and enjoy the terrific vistas all round. Furthermore, there are boardwalks, washrooms and parking lot on the beach, which ensures the complete convenience. The area is clean and well maintained by the Department of natural Resources.


Enjoying the offering of the Heather Beach is fun and safe. The conditions are usually calm with the temperature of the water is above 22 degree C. Mostly the sandbars remain exposed during the low tide which ensures the safety even further. The slope is steady and doesn’t get into deep all of a sudden. On top of that, there are lifeguards always patrolling on the beach to ensure the safety measures of the tourists. They supervise the area where the visitors can swim. Having fun in the Heather Beach thus provides peace of mind.


This immensely attractive beach was under the supervision of the 1973’s Nova Scotia Beach Supervision Program. Heather Beach was among the fifteen original beaches first administered under the program.


You can find several beach cottages along the lovely Sunrise Trail, which provides easy access to the Heather Beach. The accommodations provide easy access to excellent amenities and services such as outdoor barbecue, well furnished kitchens, fire pit, excellent baths, and a lot more.

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