May 10, 2010

The best Newfoundland beaches - Elliston Beach

Elliston Beach, Newfoundland

Elliston is a historic town renowned for birds and most beautiful sandy beaches. In fact, it was a place for the fishermen’s community in Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland. The island of Sandy Cove beach welcomes the visitors to surf the waters, enjoy the sun, have good tanning and stay in the camps, if one wants to feel the beauty with overnight stays. There is nothing to think twice for overnight rendezvous of camping in Sandy Cove Beach, every facility is provided in the campground. Elliston is also called the Root Cellar Capital of the world with 135 root cellars that existed in the place. The place hosts clusters of communities, namely Bonavista, Trinity and Port Union.

Lovely places to see:

The 733 hectares park, Lockston Path Provincial Park, in Port Rexton, was opened in 1966 for camping and has undergone upgrading with modern facilities like picnic tables, fireplace, parking, wash room and hot showers, toilet including laundry conveniences.

Sandy Cove Beach, Elliston is the most beautiful sand beach rolling in pleasant sunlight- a heaven for both sunbathers and fun lovers. The area has a playground, and fully facilitated picnic and camping grounds for overnight stays.
Look Out Park / Look Out Hill, Trinity Bay North offers tremendous sighting of glaciers and slopping down rocks to be sunken in crystal clear water.
Root cellars have been the popular method of storing food in areas of Elliston and Maberly. One will find a large number of old root cellar structures in the area, which were used to keep the food is cold in summer months and prevent the food from freezing in winters.

Dungeon Provincial Park, Cape Bonavista is about a mile away from Trinity Bay side of the peninsula and known for its remarkable type of rock formation, called Dungeon. There are two dungeons in Elliston – Mini Dungeon and Felsenmeer Dungeon.

Mini Dungeon is located close to the Sandy Cove with its peculiar land formation, but much smaller in caparison to the other one.

Felsenmeer Dungeons feature a rare assemblage of rocks that is believed to have happened during the glacial period. There are two Felsenmeer in Newfoundland. Peculiarly, Newfoundland Felsenmeer is accessible on foot due to low elevations through Elliston Ridge trails and Mark's Path.

Flowers Cove valley is located close to Maberly. The cove has fresh water brook is a regular sit of festivals and events due to its wonderful scenic charm. This cove is also a part of Little Catalina Trail.

Bird Island Puffin Festival:

Bird Island Puffin Festival a large one held in July with traditional ‘boil up’. It draws a very large gathering and hosts cultural events. The festival holds activities in the categories of lucky draws and contests of skill. The food and entertainment compose of Root Cellar Jiggs Dinner, Pot Luck Meals, Moose Burgers, Pot Luck Meals, Beer Tent, Gospel Sunday and 60 Hours of Live Entertainment. Similarly, there is a plenty of contests of skill like Peninsula Idol, a contest; Norman Pearce Memorial Horseshoe, a challenge and Price is Right, a kids' showcase for 5 to be 12 years old.

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