May 10, 2010

The best Newfoundland beaches - Pasadena Beach

Pasadena Beach, Newfoundland

Located in the western part of Newfoundland, Pasadena is encompassed by the mystique beauty of Humber valley. To consider the area in totality, Pasadena has to be seen as whole with Midland and South brook communities. One can have the taste of rural life with modern amenities in Pasadena with abundance of beach activities and greenery. The beauty of the town earned it Tidy towns Award for 1997, so it is easy to assume how beautifully this lovely town is maintained. Factually, Pasadena is a wonderful destination to enjoy the sun and the sea, as also a sprawling place of business with a lot of shipping and flight activities.

A place with lovely beach and lot of fresh water resources.

It is a place gifted with charms of both sea and fresh water. Pasadena beach is an immensely popular destination for summer vacation and offers a lot of frolicking activities in the fresh water lake as well as exploring the waterways down the Hunter River. Pasadena Beach provides ample of water based recreations such as boating, swimming, kayaking, etc. The views around the beach are simply amazing and one feels the ecstasy almost instantly. The cultural activities in Pasadena is rich with ample of sightseeing and entertainment.

The shores of Deer Lake

The sandy shores of Deer Lake attract every traveler to enjoy each day of stay in the town with family. It offers summer long enjoyment, whether one wants to spend bathing under the sun or swimming in the fresh water. The attraction gets extended with a well groomed Ski and Nature Park spread over 19 kms with breathtaking views.

The fabulous food

When you are down to the Pasadena Beach, you must stop by the infamous eatery in the area called The Oasis Grill House. Though the restaurant was not very big in size in its earlier days, it was after 2008, the expansion work took place, and now it can accommodate numerous customers and entertain them. Now, the restaurant is inclusive of more decking space, more entertainment options, more interior seating arrangements, an expanded kitchen and five addition bathroom units.

How to reach

Towards the Deer Lake from Corner Brook, take the Trans Canada Highway East. You will come at Exit 12 from where you have to take right turn to enter the Pasadena town. On the Main Street, travel towards the east until you reach the 1st Avenue from where you have to take a left turn. Go on straight at the 4 way stop by following the 1st avenue. On arriving at the Ryans Road, right turn and cross the bridge. You will reach the beach entrance.

Accommodation features

To match up with the increasing popularity of the beach, attractive accommodation facilities are also developed in the nearby areas. There is a wide range of attractive cottages and other sorts of comfortable accommodations in the Pasadena Beach area.

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