May 10, 2010

The best Newfoundland beaches - New Perlican Beach

New Perlican Beach, Newfoundland

The New Perlican area of Newfoundland consists of two beaches; The New Perlican Harbor in the eastern side and the Vitter’s Cove situated in the western side. Vitter’s is a beach that can be enjoyed around the year and offers extensive walking up to the Bloody Point. It is also a good location for hiking with different elevations. The whole area has lovely walking trails. Grates Cove area provides a number of trails and picnic spots with a rocky area called ‘Gulch Rocks’, a wonderful spot for observing sea fish and other sea life. Amidst a rocky landscape, the headland offers the view of Wiggys Beach Trail leading to North Atlantic Ocean. The New Perlican area is full of natural beach trails, rocky hiking areas and the ocean from several angles.

Fascinating geography

New Perlican area has a fascinating geography of costal indentations. The distinct ones of tourists’ attractions are Vitters Cove, The Hole of Garlep, Salmon Cove, Rump Cove, Jones Cove, Bacon Cove, Turks Cove, Heron Cove and Lazy Cove. Adjoining beaches of the area are Smut Beach and Garlep Beach. There is cape called Sugar loaf, making a prominent change in the coastal direction. Of course, New Perlican Harbor happens to be an area suitable for shipping activities.

Trails in New Perlican Area

Apart from the beaches and coves, one can hardly separate plentiful of natural hiking trails existing in New Perlican. Take the example of hiking to Butter Pot Hill of approximately 6.6 km length for fantastic views from the summit of the hill. The trail starts at Butterpot Provincial Park. Another trail called Cupids Walking Trail leads to the deserted community in Burnt heads providing spectacular views of whale watching, Bell Island, Conception Bay and beaches around. The Crout's Way Trail offers is an adventurous trail and demands overnight camping to explore the area. Other prominent trails in the area are Trail of the Eagles, Victoria Walking Trails, Rattles Road Trail with a marshy stretch, Murphy’s Road and the path to Blue Hill Dam.

Places worth visiting

While one enjoys the abundance of natural beauty of the blue expanse of ocean and beaches all around in the backdrop of hills and challenging trails, the richness of national historic sites cannot be ignored. Some of this is Hawthrone Cottage, Port au Choix, L'Anse aux Meadows, Avondale Railway Station and Ryan Premises; there are more of such sites.

The King’s Cove lighthouse has its historical relevance being the first lighthouse in Newfoundland fitted with revolving kerosene light imported from Sweden. It is located in Crown Hill and has now become a site of an annual event called the King’s Cove Lighthouse Festival under the aegis of King’s Cove Historical Society. It is a three day celebration starting with walk to the historical Lighthouse tower.
The area carries a rich art and cultural heritage, which is kept alive through a number of galleries and theatre halls.

The Fluvarium offers viewing the underwater life of Nagle’s Hill Brook educating the people relevance of freshwater in the ecosystem. The Geo Centre is totally dedicated to the concern for the planet, the people and its future. They hold many regular programs and lecture series for the public.

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