Apr 21, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Thunder Beach

The setting is the township named Tiny in Simcoe County, Ontario, a region that is strewn with a number of pretty beaches. Thunder beach is one of around 50 lovely and calm sandy expanses along Southern Georgian Bay region of Ontario. This beach can be also described as the Canadian side of well-known Fort Erie for its rivers, large lakes and innate and unadulterated beauty. It is a destination now preferred by many for spending some days in summer to be with sand, sea and everything centered to the waters, and living as a cottage dweller.

Again it is worth noticing that all beaches are not same. With their individual naturally gifted qualities, every beach has its own distinctive feature to offer. The Thunder Bay Beach is popular for jet skiing. It is conveniently located at the terminating points of Thunder Bay and Bernard Roads. Whatever may be the location, for a large number of people Thunder Beach comes to be the coziest escape from monotonous and stressful life. It is a type of vacation that may even give you a mixed feeling of extreme relaxation as well as an extremely gloomy reaction.

The charm of coming to Thunder Beach comes from one confidence and that is very comfortable stays. The abundance of nice bed and breakfast type of accommodation is very suitable to a budget vacation. On the other hand, the cottages are lovely if you are prepared to go for the convenience. The gloomy feeling comes from the remembrance of inhuman atrocities of humankind generations ago. This was one of the prime points used by the slaves to run away from their treacherous masters to get lost in the unknown than being the subjects of every sort of cruel act. Of course, today there is every effort to erase the scars of the past with an annual celebration of grand Friendship Festival. It is a week long celebration of traditional shows and other events.

Here you will find the atmosphere a bit different than that of ways and dealings in typical places of business. Everyone means to offer a personal indulgence to make your stay a delightful one; the tourists who have already visited Thunder Beach know of getting something more of what they spend. With each passing day, the place is becoming a more refined and popular place of tourism. Now at Thunder Beach, you can expect to spend vacation with increasing number of water sport facilities. It is going as if the beaches of Ontario have taken the challenge to top in the region for attracting the tourists.

Besides jet skiing, Thunder Beach is a good place for Water surfing, sailing and kayaking for its natural characters. The discrete feature of this place is keeping with the nature in as an unadulterated way as possible. There is a sharp contract of Thunder Beach area with Buffalo in the United States of America; these places are located just across the river. Buffalo, with similar richness of natural setting and scope of tourism, has crumpled down under the huge urban developmental processes and lost to withhold its charm for the tourists.

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