Apr 20, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Port Stanley beach

The finest sandy stretch of Port Stanley beach is located on the northern side of Lake Erie, dotted with large number of leisure vessels; the most inviting attraction to a large number of tourists every year. It is a place for boat rides of every sort as well as water recreational facilities in the summer months. It is a place of nice accommodations. You can go for a budget style bed and breakfast accommodations or even lovely cottages; everything is within easy reach from the beach. So, you do not have to waste time reaching the beach wherever you stay. There will not be any sacrifice of time for joining the charter boat or playing the beach volleyball, both are popular engagements in Port Stanley.

The place has plenty of food joints for culinary satisfaction for every type of dishes. So it is an equal situation for you, whether you are a foodie or want to spend happy time on the beach for water recreations, picturesque Port Stanley remains common. Your other half will certainly love evening hopping around the shops and restaurants, before taking a soothing walk on the beach before calling it a day or find a place for some engaging nightlife. The weekends are generally crowded in Port Stanley and you feel getting indulged in celebration to shed off the tiredness of slogging in the whole week. Surf the sea or relax on the clean beach or enjoy the tangy food and have leisurely stroll to see the must see spots, all suits well with your decision.

One thing is certain, the place is quite friendly and the people around are nice with welcoming smile in all the places. You can take a train ride or move down the historical bridges or have an energetic early morning beach walks, there is a pleasure in anything you like. This is a historical place with a large water transport system that was developed in the past for carrying coal and wood, though it is no longer in operation due to advancements in transportation. There is a pleasure ride train service between Port Stanley and St. Thomas.

For every enthusiast, Port Stanley has plenty of shopping, hopping from gallery to gallery and dining to offer. The tourists can otherwise have a busy time with sea shore activities, golfing and hiking in the well-laid trails. The place is flocked by many day trippers for a short relaxation without many hassles about reservations, since there are plenty of things to do or simply taking a stroll along the nice beach. As a day tripper, you will no doubt have an invigorating experience of venturing into the uncharted territories with lovely rustic settings through tall conifer forests for fresh breeze. This will be a lovely and memorable since you will have the freedom to take a route as it appeals to you, the guidance for navigation will be provided by the pleasure providers. You would want to get lost in the unknown and still be sure of getting back to spend a nice evening in the city.

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