Apr 30, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Port Colborne beach

Port Colborne beach

Very common is the phrase ‘a place where the sea and sky meet’, but it is not common to hear of a place where water meets the air, rail and the road. Port Colborne beach is one such place, may be exclusively. It is a distinguished tourist destination today with white sand beach on the shore of Lake Erie. Although Colborne is a place of industries and port, with its geographical distinction it happens to be a perfect place of tourism. The name, Nickel Beach particularly announces its silver white sand. St. Lawrence Seaway’s Welland Canal is the most prominent waterway running through Port Colborne. Along the canal, there is a lovely walking and biking trail. This canal was built to support the marine and fishing industry.

Besides beautiful Nickel Beach of white sands, Port Colborne is known for a lovely docking facility for yachts and other luxury cruisers. The city has plush shopping districts, places for entertainment and art galleries. It is equally great for abundance of restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. Its golfing grounds are lovely. The summer season festival of Canal Days is a prominent annual event of the whole region and draws a large number of domestic and American tourists. During this festival, entire city turns into a fun and merry making spot of entertainment, sports, traditional cultural performances, antique car show, fireworks, live music and plenty of food delicacies. Though you will have plenty of festive indulgence throughout the city, much of it centers around West Street along the canal.

Other places of tourist attraction are Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum, Showboat Festival Theatre and the heritage property, Kinnear House. The Historical and Marine Museum is a rich archive of local history with a substantial collection of artifacts. The jurist Helen Alice Kinnear was the first female judge in Canada and the Kinnear House property is associated with preserving her memory.

The white sand Nickel beach on the shore of Lake Erie is situated in the east of Welland Canal. The beach provides a lovely natural setting of sand dunes and a big expanse of forest. This place offers every facility for the tourists to have resting shelters or have refreshing drinks and fresh food from the stalls. The tourists get every facility for windsurfing. If you wish, you can go for swimming.

The charm of olden days is particularly enjoyable along with the modern facilities in this one-time renowned port city. Recognizing the great prospect of tourism provided by Port Colborne, the authorities have drawn up plans as a part of Niagara encompassing tourism development strategy. The place has plenty of smaller sandy beaches like Cedar Bay and Sherkston Shores. You will find plenty of hotels, inns, restaurants and more like bed and breakfast type accommodation all over the place including the smaller beaches. Whichever beach you choose to go, the long expanse of white sand is waiting to welcome. The Long Beach Conservation Area on Lake Erie is another is the upcoming place for picnics, fishing, beach games and sunbathing.

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