Apr 22, 2010

The best Ontario beaches - Cobourg Beach

Cobourg Beach

Cobourg beach is the most enchanting beach for sun and fun on the soft white sand, enjoyed by the children and grownups alike. If you have not seen the blue water and the contrasting expanse of white sands of Cobourg, you have not seen a pretty beach. Cobourg is the sought after destination of the beach lovers. This get away place is adjacent to Victoria Park for shelter under the shades if you have had enough sunbathing. The snack bars in the garden have sufficient verities to go with liking of your palate. The beach is perfectly safe for kids to play with soft sand in a clean environment. More charming are the lawn chairs for those who have difficulty sitting on the ground.

Victoria Park has much more for entertaining the tourists. In evenings, you can enjoy the old-styled band played in the park. Movie and live performances are also a regular feature. On occasions, you will have the charm of the music from Cobourg Royal Marine Concert Band. It is a close knit place and you will find everything within a close distance, whether looking for shopping pleasure or cozy restaurants for dining or want to go for nightlife. Everything is with a perfect semblance for the tourists to spend every hour with something exciting without having to cover miles. Incidentally, the location of Cobourg is right across the lake in Rochester, USA. As such, this place has been an established destination for vacation for the residents of Rochester for years. You will come to know of it the moment you are at the beautiful marina of Cobourg.

One of the major festivities of Cobourg is the Cobourg Waterfront Festival; a gala of fun and entertainment held for 4 days in July every year. This festival offers one of the major expositions of cultural heritage, arts, live performances and other human talents. During a waterfront festival, you must not miss the beautiful band and firework in the evenings in Victoria Park. You will have the opportunity of buying a plenty of lovely handicrafts cheap. The Winter Festival in Cobourg is equally popular for fun and frolic including exciting carnival games of Lumberjacks and Polar Bear Dip.

You will have a majestic feeling walking on Cobourg beach for the majestic blue water waves rolling down and breaking by your side. Lake Ontario’s pristine water is so clear that you can see the bottom to a considerable depth along the shore. Quite enjoyably, the shallow water runs to a distance of about 50 meters.
The most important piece of historical richness of Cobourg beach is over 150 year old Victoria Hall standing today with its imposing richness of architectural attraction and fabulous interiors. You will first encounter the impressive entrance with 4 Corinthian columns forming the speaker’s balcony. The exterior is stunningly beautified with carvings featuring symbols, intricately designed shells, dolphins and bearded faces. The Grand Concert Hall is the splendid room of Victoria Hall. Originally it had a nice wooden floor supported with pine wood beams. But, now the concrete floor is overlaid with a nicely finished hardwood. The interior and ceiling of the hall are magnificently designed.

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