May 10, 2010

The best Newfoundland beaches - Cape Ray Beach

Cape Ray Beach, Newfoundland

The nature has packed distinct beauty in each place; it needs to be explored with intent of digging out the intrinsic charms. This excellent beach destination is a long stretch dotted with sandy beaches offering a bundle of natural attraction to discover. The tourists will enjoy in the temperate maritime climate of Newfoundland with mercury sticking around 0° C and mild atmosphere in winters. The summer temperature is around 16° C and July is considered as a good time for swimming.
Cape Ray is located on the southwest coast of Canadian provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador. As a domain of British colony in the past, the place can be traced with a heritage of Knights, otherwise the place used to be dominated with fishermen community.

Ample of activities

It is an unmatched place for camping and hiking in gem of naturally adored environment of J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park. Amidst the expanse of Fir, Juniper and Pine forest and blossom of Laurel, Astor and Clintonia, the tourists can walk through the swarm of beautiful Atlantis Fritillary butterflies; surely there will be rabbits and minks to greet you besides White Admirals and moose. In the waters of Atlantic at Cape Ray, dog winkles, sea urchin, blue mussels and surf clam are seen in grand numbers along with other sea creatures. You will excitedly watch the surf clam shells on beaches, some fully grown to about 20cm, in a large number with other very common biogenic forms.

Swimming is adequately supported at J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park with all types of water safety equipments and gadgets in addition to change houses. Cape Ray Beaches are crowded with swimmers and sun tanners in summers.
Other popular activities at the beach include trout angling, bird watching and of course a playground for all to workup the muscles.

A memorable campsite:

Amidst the rolling grounds covered with Pine, Fir and Juniper, this is a spectacular place for camping with all the existing facilities. Cheeseman Provincial Park is dotted with over 100 camping sites with well laid facilities of fireplace, picnic tables, water supply, toilets and parking space. The campers will have no problem to get the clothes laundered. The park authorities have ensured a comfort station to be actively at the service of campers.

Hikers have a nice natural trail:

The windblown surf at the exit of the 2 kilometer long trail has caused it to be called as Smoky Cape Walking. The trail has nine fitness centers inviting the hikers to see how fit they are to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Provincial Park. The other trail is called Table Mountain trail that allows the view of Table Mountain where 14 men lived when it was a United States Air Force base. It is a splendid walking through the park with spectacular sight of the mountain and two waterfalls en-route.

Engagements away from the beaches:

Rose Blanche attracts everybody for its nice lighthouse. Lightkeeper's House Museum is located next to the lighthouse exhibiting the Eskimo culture. There is sufficient nighttime activity and one is going to certainly enjoy the Newfoundland music.

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